The best Fitbit smartwatch is now on sale: it costs € 169 and is an ideal alternative to the Apple Watch | Technology

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The smartwatch market is more important than ever because thanks to these devices we can track our health in real time, in addition to having much more specific and clear data on the effectiveness of all our exercises, whether in the gym. or outdoors.

If you cannot invest in a brand new Apple Watch, and you are looking for the best alternative, the Fitbit Versa they stay very close, and the best of all is that they can be obtained at very affordable prices offering enviable technical characteristics making them one of the most demanded watches on the market.

One of our favorites is the Fitbit Versa 3 which is on sale right now at just € 169 on Amazon, representing no less than a 27% off with respect to its previously marked price.

Smartwatch for athletes with sports tracking, GPS, heart rate sensor and blood oxygen level. One of the best watches to do all kinds of sports and maintain an active life.

The Fitbit Versa 3 of the offer at € 169, represents a € 60.95 discount, and you have it available in midnight blue, mauve gray, black or pink. It is a product sold and managed by Amazon itself and you will receive it at home throughout the next week with a full guarantee.

Some Fitbit Versa 3 features What we want to highlight is that it is a smart watch that includes a lot of features such as Integrated GPS, continuous heart rate analysis, sleep analysis and scoring, voice assistant support and a battery that lasts more than six days, and above compatible with fast charging.

Thanks to its integrated GPS, we will not depend on our mobile phone, and the watch will allow us to analyze the pace and distance traveled when we go out to do sports, either outside or to the gym. It is also capable of continuously monitoring the heart rate and also performs a sleep analysis and scoring that we can manage, both for the night and for naps.

The battery, in addition to lasting more than six days per full charge, can be charged to last a whole day in just 12 minutes, which can get you out of the odd trouble in case you don’t have time to wait a little longer for it to be fully charged.

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