The best extension hoses for your garden

Purchase criteria to choose the best extensible hose

If you get one extensible hose, you will once again have a curious and orderly garden. And since finding the ideal model is not easy, here we leave you the criteria that you should take into account to buy your new hose:

Material. These hoses are usually made of latex and nylon. They are two very interesting materials, because in addition to allowing the hose to expand with the pressure of the water, they give it a great durability.
Length. Taking into account that these hoses expand and contract, you should be clear about the dimensions of your garden. There are models that go from 10 meters to 50, so you will have a great variety.
Weight. And the length of the extendable hose will be in relation to the weight. It is a factor to take into account, because it will speak of its ease of transport. As usual, It shouldn’t weigh more than 5 kilos.
Water gun. It is not a simple accessory, it is one of the distinguishing marks of any extension hose. And is that a good squirt gun can be very useful for different tasks thanks to its different sprayers: mist, shower, vertical …

What is an extendable hose?

A extensible hose It is a hose model that can expand up to five times its original length. It does so thanks to the pressure of the water when it passes through the inner tubes.

Best of all, when we finish using it, heThe hose will contract when the water is turned off. In this way, it will be very easy to store and store.

How does an extendable hose work?

As we say, these hoses expand thanks to the pressure of the water when it flows through them. Specifically, when it passes through an inner tube that is made of latex. Pressure builds up inside, causing the hose to expand.

From there, it will function as a lifelong hose. When we finish, the water pressure disappears, causing hose rolls up on its own.

What is an extendable hose made of?

These types of hoses are generally made of latex and nylon. It is true that there are models made of other materials, but they are not as durable.

And is that latex and nylon, in addition to allowing the hose to expand, are some particularly resistant materials. Athough it does not seems, its useful life can exceed ten years.

Why has extendable hose become so popular?

Mainly, because of how comfortable it is to use. What’s more, will hardly take up space when folded. And it is that one of the main problems of conventional hoses is that the bad effect they give when being scattered around the garden.

But these hoses will be very easy to store. When we finish using them, we can keep them in any corner of the house. Furthermore, they are fairly durable models.

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