The best deals of the week are back on another Red Friday

Today is Friday, and as usual we return to the load with another Red Friday, a new selection of the best deals available at two of the largest retailers, PcComponentes and Amazon.

We keep the usual approach, which means that in this selection of the best offers you will find a link that will take you directly to each product or promotion that is on sale.

Remember that the prices can change over time, and that some promotions and offers may cease to be available if the product is sold out, or if its term of validity ends. Without further ado, we enter the matter, although not without first wishing you a good weekend.

The PcDays by PcComponentes, where you will find some of the best offers so far this year. You can find them all by following this link. If you are looking for a monitor, MSI has a couple of gaming models available on sale. The BMAX Micro Mini PC is downgraded to 111.99 euros, an interesting mini PC as a multimedia solution for the living room, or as a PC for basic office automation. Trust has various peripherals on offer, and with very affordable prices. Check out. The ASUS VP249QGR is downgraded to 179 euros, an interesting and inexpensive gaming monitor. If you are looking for an inexpensive but capable smartphone, you have the Galaxy A12 downgraded to 149 euros.
In case you need something more powerful and complete, you have the Galaxy Note 20 4G in its 256 GB version downgraded to 719 euros.
Another interesting option for those who want a top-of-the-range smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G which is lowered to 1,123 euros in its version with 256 GB. If you prefer an iPhone you’re in luck, you have the iPhone 12 Mini lowered to 739 euros.
Looking for the iPhone 12 Pro? Well, calm down, you also have it lowered to 1,024.87 euros.
The fantastic Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 is downgraded to 26.04 euros.
Xbox Series S has no stock issues. It is a good option in price-performance value, since it is available for 299 euros.
We’re going with one of the best deals of the week for PC fans, the Ryzen 7 5800X, a high-performance processor that’s on sale for 399.91 euros.
If you need good performance, but are on a tighter budget, don’t miss the Ryzen 7 3700X, which has a high IPC, 8 cores and 16 threads and is downgraded to 260.55 euros.
The 1TB Corsair MP600 Core is downgraded to 129.99 euros. This SSD uses the PCIE Gen4 x4 interface, and reaches 4,700 MB / s in sequential read. Also on sale is the Corsair K60 RGB PRO LOW PROFILE, which can be yours for 149.99 euros.
The Razer Blade 15 is another one of the best deals of the week. It is downgraded to 1,519 euros. If you have a tighter budget but do not want to give up good gaming performance, do not worry, this ASUS TUF Dash F15 with RTX 3060 Mobile is reduced to 1,199 euros, and it’s another of the best deals we’ve found. The AVM FRITZ! Box 6890 LTE International is downgraded to 330 euros.
We end up with the ASUS M415DA-EK337, an interesting and balanced laptop with APU Ryzen 7 3700U that is downgraded to 499 euros.

This selection contains some links from our affiliates, but none of the products included have been proposed or recommended by them or their manufacturers, but chosen at our own discretion.

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