The Best Couples Journals for Love

Journaling has become The Best Thing for people who want to get their shit together. Take a scroll through TikTok and you’ll see plenty of content creators encouraging those to incorporate journaling into their daily routines.

It can be done first thing in the morning to start your day off on a good note or right before you go to bed as a way to let go of intrusive thoughts that could keep you up.

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But journaling doesn’t have to be a solo activity. It can absolutely be a thing partners do to better communicate with each other, document beautiful memories, keep the relationship fresh, and to help put thoughts into words when talking just isn’t working.

Whether you’re looking for a journal that you can fill out every day or one that will help you jot down some memories, there’s a journal out there for every type of couple. Whether you’re married or just recently started dating, here are the best couples’ journals to invest in right now.

A Couple’s Love Journal: 52 Weeks to Reignite Your Relationship, Deepen Communication, and Strengthen Your Bond

A Couple’s Love Journal: 52 Weeks to Reignite Your Relationship, Deepen Communication, and Strengthen Your Bond

Rockridge Press

This journal has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and over a thousand reviews by very happy couples. Every week, you and your partner will sit down to work through prompts that are designed to solve everyday issues and long-term plans. Additionally, the journal will suggest weekly activities to do with your partner that will help you create a stronger bond.

Questions for Couples Journal: 400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner

Questions for Couples Journal: 400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect, and Connect with Your Partner

Rockridge Press

Unlike the previous journal, this one is designed to be worked on every day – and it’ll go on for a little more than a year. With more than 2,000 reviews and an overall 4.6-star rating, this journal is designed by a life coach and marriage mentor who will help you find that missing connection with your partner after years of getting wrapped up in monotony.

One reviewer raved about it after using it with her husband of years: “These (seemingly) simple journal questions are expanding our perceptions of each other, re-igniting curiosity, and providing welcome respite from covid-craziness.”

Love Yours: 365 Days of Q&A

Love Yours: 365 Days of Q & A (Love Yours for Couples)

Independently Published

$ 18.00

Written by another couple, this journal is meant to be worked on intensively throughout a whole year. It’s sole purpose is to help couples better communicate and understand each other, be it about their past, their future plans, and their current issues. One specific reviewer revealed that the great thing about this journal is that it’s inclusive to all types of people and couples out there, making it perfect for interfaith, multicultural, and LGBTQ + couples.

You Better Phucking Love Me Forever: Love Journal

You Better Phucking Love Me Forever: Love Journal (Hearts Black and Red 6×9): Couples Love Journal

This newly-released journal is more freestyle in the sense that you don’t have to answer any questions and prompts, but you get to decide what you want to write about. Whether you’ve asked your partner to write down their date night bucket list or have decided to write them a love letter after a pretty epic fight, this journal is as unique as your relationship.

Loom Couples

Loom Couples – Gray

$ 37.99

This journal is described as two journals in one. You can either sit down together and write in it at the same time, or you can take turns writing in it throughout the day and then discussing it before going to bed or during dinner. Described as couples therapy in a notebook, it’s filled with prompts, questions about past experiences and future dreams, relationship quotes, and connection tips.

Love Story Signature

Love Story Journal – Gray

$ 44.00

This stunning journal is designed specifically for people who have just tied the knot and want to keep track of their love story and life together. In fact, your first entry is a recollection of your wedding day and if all goes well with the marriage, it goes on until your 70th wedding anniversary. The prompts are a way to help you write down what will later become fond memories.

Love Couples Journal

This journal is also designed to help you jot down future memories, however, it also has pages designed to be filled with photos of those memorable moments. Additionally, it also has prompts and questions to give you an idea of ​​what to write – from questions that you answer every year for ten years, your financial and career goals, and your bucket list as a couple.

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