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Whether your couch is old, new, or just in need of a refresh, a washable slipcover is a great solution for keeping your sofa well-protected. I’m just sayin ‘, it’s v easy for spills and general wear and tear (especially if you have pets!) To find their way onto your beloved couch. And re-upholstering whole-ass pieces of furniture can cost you a pretty penny. But good thing couch covers exist!

I know what you may be thinking: I don’t want no grandma-looking thing in my living room. Listen, me neither! That’s why I went on the hunt for the best couch slipcovers that don’t look like they were pulled out of a time capsule from 1975. (Sorry if maximalist floral patterns are your thing, but you won’t find any of that here. ) From simple sofa slipcovers made from stain-repellant fabric to some seriously luxe-looking sofa covers that’ll totally transform your IKEA couch, shop some of the best sofa slipcovers, below!

(Oh, and if you wanna know what the difference between a couch and sofa is, we’ve got that answered, too.)

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best overall

Easy-Going 4-Piece Stretch Soft Couch Cover


If you’ve got a three-cushioned couch, this bb should go right into your cart right now. It’s made of stretchy, durable fabric for a snug fit. Plus, it comes in, like, 24 different colors.


best for ikea

Söderhamn 3 Seater Sofa Cover

If you’ve got an IKEA couch that could use a refresh, I need you to check out Bemz ASAP. Just select the type of IKEA sofa you have and then browse tonsssss of different color and fabric options for the slipcover of your dreams.


best relaxed fit

Cotton Duck One Piece Sofa Slipcover

TBH, slipcover sofas are very on trend right now. And if you’re loving the whole modern farmhouse aesthetic, you gotta go for this relaxed fit one with adorable ties on the arms.


best printed one

Stretch Sofa Cover

Or maybe you’re here for a good time, not a long time. HOTNIU’s got a generous trove of boldly printed options to turn your couch into a statement piece.


best for sectionals

Sectional Couch Covers

Yes, you can absolutely put a slipcover over your sectional couch. The trick is to get you a two-piece one, like this bad boy.


best performance

Performance Slipcover Replacement Brenalee

$ 499.00

Not only does this sofa cover look seriously luxe, but it’s also stain-repellent and moisture-resistant, which means you can snack all you want on your precious sofa!


best for loveseats

Sofa Loveseat Couch Covers NORTHERN BROTHERS

$ 35.99

If you’re worried about not finding a couch cover that’ll fit your oddly-shaped loveseat, then give this one a try. It’s a three-piece set that claims to fit most loveseats. Plus, take a peek at that super high rating.


best slipcover alternative

Hypnotic Throw Blanket Jungalow

$ 99.00

Maybe you’re not into the all-encompassing slipcover look, and that’s okay! Just spread a gorg throw blanket, like this Jungalow pick, over your couch, and voilĂ !


best for pets

Sofa Shield Patented Slipcover

Get you a sofa cover that’ll protec, in case your pet (s) decide to attac that fine piece of couch whenever you’re not looking. This one here is reversible, tear-resistant, and easily washable.

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