The best closure for Rommel Pacheco


LThe names of Joaquín Capilla, Carlos Girón, Jesús Mena and Fernando Platas are historical references in the diving of our country and these four illustrious characters were also Mexican flag-bearers in the Olympic Games, a distinction that Rommel Pacheco will receive in Tokyo 2020.

With 25 years of experience and 35 years to come, the lieutenant of the Mexican Army, longs to experience the triumph in his fourth and last Olympic Games where he will see action on August 2 and 3. “What better way to say goodbye than on the stage where any athlete would like to be, be the standard-bearer of your country in the Olympics and be fighting for a medal. In this last stage of my life I am very satisfied with what I have done ”, he declared in an interview with Excelsior.

Within days of participating for Olympic glory on the 10-foot springboard and retiring, Rommel looks behind his shoulder and analyzes what for him has been a cycle full of challenges in the pit, at the polls and at home. . “I’m not going to lie: it’s tired and heavy, and more now that we were at home, that we trained with what we had, carrying the jug, jumping on the stairs, circling the dining room or whatever, but I enjoyed it because I’m exactly one month after saying goodbye to diving ”.

It was difficult to do the campaign together with the Olympic preparation, but fortunately everything went as planned. Today I am an elected deputy and the best thing is that nothing stands in the way because I finish my sports career on August 3 and I take office as a deputy on September 1, there I will have to turn the page and focus on legislating and improving to the country, “added the federal deputy elected by the state of Yucatán.

Rommel is aware that these Olympics will be very different from the other three in which he has participated, due to the pandemic; When questioned about the restrictions that he will live in the Olympic Village, he was optimistic and focused on his own. “The protocol will be different, with many more measures, but I am not going to fraternize or make friends or celebrate, I am going to compete with the clear objective; On the 23rd I will parade with the flag and my teammates, after that I will continue training in the times and schedules that they give you and then compete and win the medal and then, back ”, he indicated. “I will bring some books, my iPad, I will be concentrating on mine. Yes they are going to be different games, but Mexico is going to be watching us and that is why it is the same commitment ”.

Rommel thanked the support he has had from the Mexican Army, an institution to which he owes personal and career achievements. “I am a licensed lieutenant for the position for which I competed, but it has been an honor these 11 years. I am very grateful to the Army for their support, and I have a very nice anecdote, because thanks to their medical service, I overcame the dengue fever they gave me before the 2011 Pan-American Games, if it hadn’t been for their help, I wouldn’t have participated, “he said.

On the controversy that was generated a few days ago between Paola Espinosa and the head of the Conade, Ana Gabriela Guevara, over the designations of the Olympic places, Rommel advised: “We must have clear rules so that they do not lend themselves to misunderstandings or side of the athletes or side of the authorities. Sport is defined on the court, on the court, on the tatami, not on the table; It has to be defined by showing every day that you are the best to represent your country, because on your shoulders you carry more than 130 million Mexicans ”.


Rommel Pacheco has the dives numbered and, for this reason, he has sought to leave a legacy in the new generations; Two of the strong cards of the future, Kevin Berlin and Osmar Olvera from Monterrey, have already been embraced by the future standard-bearer at Tokyo 2020.

Kevin, who will now be on the platform, I adopted him for a year here in Mérida … working, in everything that was in my hands I supported him, I would have liked him to stay, but, well, he was given the foundations of the Chinese school and now it has taken another course. And, on the other hand, I was very pleased that Osmar qualified in the same test as me, because he has a lot of future and talent, I will try to facilitate the way to summarize everything that I went through, and surely he will have a good result in Tokyo, this will prepare it for Paris 2024 and for 2028 ”, he asserted.

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