The best cheap fiber and mobile rates in 2021 and comparison with all operators

To help find the best rate in a market as competitive as that of the mobile phone, where there are more than forty operators that offer their services throughout the territory, at Xataka Móvil we have prepared a guide to choose operator with which to clarify differences and thus find the rate that best suits your needs.

The first step will be to direct the search, depending on whether you only need mobile or you are also interested in other services such as fiber. This time, we are going to compare the rates that combine fiber and mobile, but if it is not what you were looking for, you can also access the comparison of mobile contract rates, the comparison of prepaid card rates or the comparison of fiber-only rates.

Focusing on the comparison of combined fiber and mobile rates, we will start with some graphs that help us quickly locate the cheaper rates and their main benefits as they are, the possibility of accumulating gigabytes, the availability of a fixed telephone, the purchase of mobile phones in installments, or mobile coverage.

Regarding fiber coverage, thanks to the agreements reached between all the operators, the fiber availability is practically identical in any of the brands that offer service.

If you have access to Movistar fiber, you can also hire O2, Vodafone, Lowi, Orange, Amena, Jazztel, Yoigo, MásMóvil or Pepephone.

In the second part of the comparison, we will detail all the information in the graphs along with the rest of the conditions of the operators, depending on their coverage. In any case, all prices indicated are final, that is, with line maintenance and VAT included, and without promotions that make the cost vary after a few months.

The fiber and mobile rates with the best price

As a summary of rates that helps to encompass the most common user profiles that can occur at home, in a first review we have divided the graphs based on the number of mobile lines included and their gigs.

Fiber + a mobile line

Among the most prominent operators, Lowi, Amena, finetwork, or Digi stand out for being the cheapest with more gigs on the mobile, while operators such as O2, Pepephone, Vodafone yu or Virgin telco, bet on initially faster fiber speeds.

Fiber + two mobile lines

From among the combined family members with two mobile lines and fiber at homeIn addition to the aforementioned operators, the offers of Yoigo, MásMóvil, Jazztel or República Móvil are also outstanding. We see some examples of family mixes:

From 20 GB on each mobile line:

All rates and conditions according to coverage

With Movistar coverageDigi stands out for the accumulation of megabytes not consumed and for being one of the cheapest by far, although its fiber service is currently restricted to some provinces. If what interests you is Telefónica’s fiber, you can access it directly through O2, which will be the most generous in terms of fiber speed and gigabytes on your mobile, while Movistar itself stands out for including television with football in its Fusion rates.

With Vodafone coverage, highlights Vodafone itself, the first with 5G, with unlimited gigabytes and with the largest content aggregator in cinema and series. From the same group, through the Vodafone yu brand, it improves conditions by becoming incompatible with the decoder for television and without installment mobiles. With more adjusted prices, we find Lowi and Finetwork in exchange for eliminating services such as landlines or incompatibility with television, although in exchange they have extra benefits such as the accumulation of unconsumed megabytes and the possibility of sharing them with any client.

With Orange coverage, Orange, Jazztel and Virgin telco stand out for having optional television, although Virgin may be cheaper by allowing cut calls, gigabytes and custom landlines, while Orange includes more services by default. Amena will have the simplest and cheapest service, although the independent OMV SUOP is the one who is done with somewhat lower prices.

With Yoigo coverageYoigo itself will be the only one currently compatible with Agile’s television service, which is fed by third-party content such as Sky. In addition, Yoigo includes two unlimited mobile lines with shared gigs, Pepephone is also especially interesting for families due to the price of the additional lines, although it differs in that it does not have a fixed telephone in exchange for a higher fiber speed. Llamaya will be the one who offers a cheaper price and discounts for new customers during the first six months, while MásMóvil follows it with unlimited calls on mobile, including landline and mobile installments.

Other price comparisons