The best campers on the market

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

The camper segment is experiencing its best moment. After years of progressive ascent, quite accelerated if we take into account the data prior to the pandemic, it has managed to establish itself as a real alternative to traditional vacations. If we take into account the number of sales in 2019, which since the Spanish Association of Caravaning Industry and Commerce (ASEICAR), confirmed a growth of 340% in the last five years in our country, we will understand the reason for the new proposals by brands. The latest to fully enter this business model is Iveco, with its Daily Camper. It is a very complete preparation, with a bathroom, shower, kitchen with two burners, a double bed and a bunk bed for two more people. It is the most concise rival of the Volkswagen Grand California, even more so if we consider that it costs 47,931 euros.

The first thing to keep in mind is that these types of vehicles have gained in comfort in recent times. Years ago, they were presented as models designed to meet the most basic needs of their occupants. Today, manufacturers have been improving these vehicles, which do not lack even the smallest detail. Even more so if we talk about concepts such as the Iveco Daily Camper, which is not lacking in detail and offers a higher level of independence and self-sufficiency. Another advantage compared to booking an apartment or a hotel is the cost of the getaway, which is much lower, especially if you are traveling as a family.

Moving in a motorhome or camper also offers us other facilities such as the fact that be able to carry all the luggage we want or even our pet. In addition, we will never be subject to transport or accommodation schedules, but we will have flexibility and freedom impossible to achieve in any other way. On the other hand, the places to stay overnight –something that usually worries users– have increased in recent years, so it is becoming easier and easier to find multiple options to spend the night where it is most convenient.

As if that were not enough, the camper van segment does not stop growing, offering car brands increasingly complete models adapted to different tastes and / or needs. For this reason, below, we show you a selection of the best campers that you can currently find on the market.

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