The best Android tablet lowers its price by 250 euros in the hangover of Prime Day

The Samsung device is the maximum reference in the Android world.

Thanks to one of the Amazon offers you can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and save 250 euros. The Korean device arrives alongside 128 GB of storage, with the S Pen included.

The Samsung tablet is one of the top references in the Android world, capable of competing with the iPad themselves. We tell you its main characteristics, Is it what you were looking for?

Buy the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +.

The Galaxy Tab S7 is made of aluminum and comes with a design that leaves no doubt, we are facing a high-end device. It has a panel that reaches the 11 inch, with technology LCD and impressive resolution QHD +. Your processor is the powerful Snapdragon 865+, manufactured by the North American Qualcomm.

The Samsung tablet also incorporates a double rear camera and a battery that reaches up to 8,000 mAh. As we pointed out at the beginning, includes an S Pen that will allow you to get the most out of it.

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