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Buying a property is a safe and effective way to put your capital to work, but what can you do to ensure that the property is truly a profitable investment?

Looking for properties that have certain amenities will help you raise the value and perception of your investment. As a result of the pandemic, people are increasingly looking for spaces that integrate exclusive areas for healthy recreation. That is why it is important that the apartment you buy has facilities like these that will help improve the quality of life of your tenants.

What are the most requested amenities?

Swimming pool

Who doesn’t want to spend a mini-vacation anytime they want? Having a pool is synonymous with fun and cooling off on sunny days. In addition, it is the perfect place to enjoy quality moments with the family.

BBQ area

Being able to make a delicious roast meat is a necessary basic for many families. Therefore, an exclusive area where you can cook your favorite dishes is ideal to make the afternoon more enjoyable.


Exercising, in addition to helping to achieve a better physical appearance, is vitally important for health. However, given the busyness of the day, setting aside time to go to the gym can sometimes seem impossible. Having this amenity inside the building saves money and travel hours.


Faced with the pandemic, the use of coworking has skyrocketed in recent months, the need to work from home, but in a space adapted for it, makes having coworking spaces in the building an important amenity for anyone who has left to attend the office.

Events room

Having the provision of a special place for meetings and parties is another reason why it is attractive to live in a residential building. A great advantage is that they will be able to enjoy a pleasant evening without worrying about driving home.


Last but not least, having the peace of mind of living in a safe space is paramount. So having controlled access and camera monitoring is a sign that the integrity of the inhabitants (and your property) is protected at all times.

All these amenities can be enjoyed in the luxury apartments at IKANI, 6 large parks and more than 40 amenities that adapt to the needs of any lifestyle. Located in Juriquilla, Querétaro, in addition to its privileged views and strategically distributed apartments.

Meet Ikani, schedule your appointment in the department shows:

Lake of Pátzcuaro No. 81 CP. 76230, Cumbres Del Lago. Juriquilla Qro.


Telephone. (442) 224 – 5422

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