Eder Sarabia chatted with Álex Corretja through an Instagram direct. The second coach of Barcelona attended to the former tennis player to review the news and especially what happened at the Santiago Bernabéu. His words on the bench generated great controversy and he later had to apologize to the footballers.

“It is true that out generated a lot of noise what happened, but inward it was not a tenth. There are certain things that must be changed, controlled and improved as in all work. At street level I did notice that they knew me more, “said Quique Setien’s assistant in the Barça outfit.

Sarabia explained that “depending on where you are you can do some things and not others, you are speaking on behalf of a club. They understand that we can participate in this type of thing, there is enough misfortune with what we are having to live so that we cannot do these things ».

Corretja also asked him about how he is leading the confinement, to which the second technician confessed that “these days we are working hard, preparing many things. We are very excited to be able to come back and be in the fight with them. You have to take advantage of this situation to get positive things. This does not hurt us having come mid-season.

«From the first day this happened, the adapters prepared the plans. As we have several, each one is in charge of a group of soccer players, we receive feedback. Many had the means to work at home, and the club provided material to those who did not have it. In summer vacations it is more difficult, they come from the whole season and want to disconnect. Now it is different, we are all at home and training can make them disconnect and remain hopeful within the uncertainty that exists, “he added.

Mini preseason on return

Sarabia spoke about what the mini-season will be like for the teams when the League can resume: «For us the physical aspect is less important than others, and that is done in summer in preseason. Now we are analyzing everything in detail, we have reports of all the games that we have left… All this that we are preparing then we have to transfer it to what we are going to find in each rival ».

“I think we depend on the government, we are not a priority. Sometimes they tell you things, they tell us that they are working on different possibilities, but you don’t have a certainty. When we return, life will not resume suddenly, it will go little by little. You have to manage it and take it in the best way », he explained.

Ultimately he praised his star, Leo Messi, and ensures that he is the best footballer he has coached. «Messi is the best soccer player of all time and maybe the best athlete too. It is incredible in every way, the knowledge of the game he has, how he executes … it is outrageous. It’s a privilege”. Although he recognized that «each one has to be told in a way when you correct them. We like to discuss things with the footballers, to give us their opinion ».