The benches were emptied after a pitch to Wilson Contreras against the Brewers

The benches of the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs they were emptied after a hit to Wilson contreras on the MLB.

Wilson contreras has received many balls in his short career in the MLB, all thanks to his perreos his way of enjoying the game, however, now things have gone further.

In about 11 games against the Brewers, Wilson contreras He has been hit six times, and on Tuesday night two of the aforementioned hits were recorded, however, you can see how his body enters the strike zone as if he were looking for a hit.

Here the video:

The moment he was hit with a ball, he exchanged a few words with the pitcher of the Milwaukee Brewers which caused the benches to be emptied and they entered the field for the second time in the MLB 2021.

There was no attempt at physical aggression between the two teams other than dialogue until the situation returned to normal.