The beautiful photos of this contest are the best you will see today

The Nature TTL Photographer of the Year is one of the most popular nature photography contests in the world. Like every year, an immense amount of pretty pictures of different themes related to the natural environment are presented to win the prize in one of its categories. This year there have been more than 8,000 candidates, so the jury must have had a very difficult decision. But it is already here.

This time there was a first prize of the entire contest. Has been for Thomas Vijayan, who will receive at home 1,500 pounds in cash. The others were divided into eight categories of different themes. In addition, there is one aimed at the smallest of the house. But let’s get to the important thing, how are the winning photos of this year?

Pretty photos and optical illusions

orangutanThomas Vijayan / Nature TTL

The first overall prize and in the category of animal behavior has been for this photo, in which it seems that an orangutan is seen climbing upside down. However, that is not really what was happening. And it is that, at the moment of the snapshot, Thomas Vijayan took advantage of the reflectance of a pond so that in the image it seemed that the sky was being seen.

As he explained after learning that he has won the award, his objective in choosing these animals was to make known the problem of deforestation to which they are exposed. Now, like the rest of the beautiful photos that they have won in the rest of the categories, their image will go around the world, so many people will be able to see their protest.

A worthy runner-up

alligatorJohan Wandrag / NatureTTL

After Vijayan, in the category of animal behavior has been the photo of Johan Wandrag, in which you can see just the moment when a small fish falls into the jaws of a crocodile. The photo was captured in South Africa.

Night walk

mouseJohn Formstone / NatureTTL

The first prize in the category of camera traps went to John Formstone, who managed to capture the nocturnal walk of this friendly little rodent.


salamandersSamantha Stephens / NatureTTL

If Wandrag caught the last moments of a minnow, Samantha Stephens has done the same with two salamanders, which accidentally ended up sliding into the tube of a carnivorous plant. This has made it one of two pretty photos to win the Small World category.

Pretty pictures of the sky

sky1Ivan Pedretti / NatureTTLsky2Amos Ravid / NatureTTL

Astrophotography has also had a place in this contest, with the night sky category. The winners have been these two beautiful images by Ivan Pedretti and Amos Ravid.

It is not a robot, it is a stingray

Grant Thomas / NatureTTL

This image, which looks like something out of a science fiction work, is a photograph of a stingray. It was caught by Grant Thomas, who waited patiently in the sand while he fed. It was the winning photo in the underwater category.

A sea ghost

Zhi’yue Shi / NatureTTL

If the previous one looked like a robot, the runner-up photo in the underwater category, captured by Zhi’yue Shi, looks like a ghost. But it is actually a coiled eel.

Urban biodiversity

little foxMohammad Murad / NatureTTL

There are not only animals in the jungle, the field or the sea. You can also take beautiful photos of fauna and flora on the asphalt. That’s what the urban wildlife category is for, whose runner-up, Mohammad Murad, managed to capture a little fox illuminated by city lights.

Good night

Dennis Stogsdill / NatureTTL

Wild portrait category winner Dennis Stogsdill captured the peaceful dream of a polar bear.

Nice photos of great little photographers

Thomas Easterbrook / Nature TTL

You can also see many beautiful photos among those that were submitted to the category of photographers under 16 years old. The winner was Thomas Easterbrook, who managed to capture the beautiful image drawn on the sky by a flock of birds.

Other winning and finalist photos

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