The beautiful Anastasia Kvitko pulls her bodysuit up!

The beautiful Anastasia Kvitko pulls her bodysuit up! | Instagram

For Anastasia Kvitko to surprise her followers with her Photos on Instagram it’s really an easy task, on the most recent one he just pulled his body made of black leather and caused a stir.

With a flirty photo the Russian model who is also known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian“or Anastasiya Kivtko appears wearing her charms and showing a new discount for her OnlyFans.

In the photo appears this beautiful celebrity of social networks with a black body, stockings also in black as well as transparent, a whole outfit of the most daring and risque.

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The striking thing about her bodysuit is that in addition to the fact that her charms are visible to all, she has a lace collar that draws even more the gaze to this part of her body, while she pulls her bodysuit up a little, marking her charms.


For a few weeks he has been continuously showing discounts of both 50 and 60 percent off the subscription to his account.

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This is something with which several Internet users were excited to be able to access their content thanks to a tremendous discount.

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