The Beach Boys sell the rights to their music catalog

This is not the first group to sell their music catalog. Photo: . | .

The Beach Boys They have joined the extensive list of classical artists in selling all the rights to their songs and intellectual property material, joining exponents such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Stevie Nicks.

The rights to his songs are now owned by Iconic Artists Group, corporate brand owned by the music industry veteran Irving Azoff, those who would not have made public the sum to pay for the original recordings of the group, their name, aesthetics or the rights to publish and sell collectibles with their images.

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As part of the deal, the pool members still retain certain interests in these assets, but the power of business decisions behind handling the material rests with this company.

Olivier Chastan, CEO of Iconic Artists Group, shared a few words about it with Rolling Stone: “The Beach BoysIn a sense, they are not just a band. They are a way of life. They are a consumer brand. And they never really exploited that.  »

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After this sale, Chastan ensures that Iconic would seek to exploit the image of the group through virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D animation or CGI. « This, for me, is probably the most interesting aspect that will transform our business, » he says.

The executive hopes that, in a period of five years, one could take his team from Oculus Rift at two in the morning and be able to see the recording of ‘Good vibrations‘ in Western Recorders. He would even suggest that the members of the band could be “rejuvenated”, taking as an example the tape of Martin Scorsese « The Irishman”.

The Beach Boys Music Rights