The Barto returns in the form of Adidas sneakers | Entertainment

So are the new El Barto sneakers from The Simpsons in a new collaboration with Adidas.

The eternally young Bart Simpson has temporarily stopped painting the walls of Springfield to expand his graffiti art into new ones Advantage “El Barto” sneakers by Adidas in a new collaboration with Matt Groening’s animated series.

The latest collaboration between The Simpsons and Adidas highlights the rowdy son of the yellow family, where he is seen with a spray can painting his legendary El Barto signature on the white surface of the sneaker.

The classic Advantage design is the perfect canvas for Bart’s criminal antics. The “paint” drips in black paint on the outer side of the shoe, plus Bart peeks over his shoulder, can of graffiti in hand. You can take a look at the new Adidas sneaker from The Simpsons below.

For its part, the inner side of the shoe is more minimalist, with the shoe company’s distinctive three-stripe graphic perforated into the white leather. The soul of this new sneaker is dressed in the classic yellow “Simpson”, while the heel is adorned with a small label of Bart’s skull and crossbones.

Disney + continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

The Advantage sneakers They are inspired by the classic look of tennis shoes and are made from premium high-performance recycled materials, 50% of the upper is made from recycled content with no virgin polyester.

If you are interested in getting the new product of the series The Simpsons, You can buy the shoes through the official Adidas website for a price of 65 dollars (just over 53 euros at the exchange rate). What do you think of the new Adidas El Barto sneakers?

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by José Carlos Pozo.

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