The bargain of Skoda is still Scala, until when?

If we were to define the current Skoda range, we would have to speak of an excellent quality-price ratio, perhaps the best on the market and, in most of its products, of getting the maximum space, at an adjusted price. When we met the Skoda Scala, again, we had that same feeling. Skoda had developed a car of compact dimensions, longer even than a SEAT León, or a Volkswagen Golf, and actually more spacious, both for passengers and cargo. But taking advantage of a lower segment platform, that of SEAT Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo, The Skoda Scala stood – and continues to do so – as a more economical compact than its Volkswagen Group cousins, which had nothing to envy in aspects such as quality, equipment, or technology.

The bargain of Skoda is still Scala

The Skoda Scala could well be defined as a smart purchase. With the arrival of the new generations of Volkswagen Golf and SEAT León, it is not at its height on a technological level, but in return it offers a lot of space, and a much more reasonable and adjusted price. It is one of the most spacious compacts and has the price of an urban utility.

Currently, the Skoda Scala is available on sale from € 14,300. This offer has been maintained over the last few months and, except for surprise, it should remain at similar figures in the coming months. The great news that makes the May offer for the Skoda Scala even more interesting is that until May 31 Skoda is giving away 1 year of insurance. The insurance included is an “all risk” with a € 600 excess.

Recall that these offers require financing the purchase and to access a Skoda Scala of € 14,300 it is necessary to choose the access version, called Active, with a 1.0 TSI engine of 95 hp.

The Skoda Scala is listed in our compact car guide as one of the most affordable models in its category and with the highest rating

Skoda Fabia 2021 Orange Front 3

Until when will it continue to be a bargain?

If we are looking for a really cheap compact, the FIAT Tipo 5-door, whose offer starts at 11,661 euros, is significantly cheaper and as spacious as the Skoda Scala. But at a technological level, quality of finishes and materials and tread, the Skoda Scala seems to us a superior car.

Nevertheless, the most important rival of the Skoda Scala is at home. Skoda has surprised us these days by introducing us to the new generation of the Skoda Fabia, a utility that, as usual, is much more spacious than its cousins ​​Ibiza and Polo. A Skoda Fabia that, as far as we know, is so technological and presents a perceived quality comparable to its older brother the Scala.

In terms of space, it is a very spacious car for its size, and it is not that far from the Skoda Scala figures. While it is true that the new Fabia is shorter, with 4.11 meters in length, and its 380-liter trunk does not reach the 467 liters of the Scala. If that difference in space does not prevent the Fabia from meeting your needs, the Skoda Fabia is undoubtedly a highly recommended alternative to the Scala, and it will be more affordable.

Skoda Fabia 2021 Orange Rear 1

The previous generation Skoda Fabia is still on the market and its sale price is € 11,800. If we need space, the option of the Skoda Fabia Combi from € 12,700 is even more interesting.

We do not yet know the price of the new Skoda Fabia, but it should not rise too much compared to these figures of the previous generation Fabia and it would still be below the € 14,300 Skoda Scala on offer.

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