Gerard Piqué left everyone speechless at the show up at the Camp Nou on a bicycle. The Barcelona central went to the decisive Catalan derby against Espanyol, who would send the parakeets to Segunda, on an electric bicycle valued at 10,000 euros. It is not the first time that the footballer sports this luxury vehicle in public since two years ago he went to training with it. Although his triumphant entry at full speed into the stadium parking lot surprised everyone.

The bike is the Greyp G12s, and Piqué is not the only one who has it. Cesc Fàbregas and Leo Messi are also in possession of this model which, in order to drive you, requires a driving license since It has a 16 HP electric motor that allows the driver to reach up to 70 kilometers per hour. This luxury vehicle belongs to the Greyp brand, which is part of the Croatian company Rimac Automobili.

It has 12 kW of power which means that the rider does not have to pedal to make the wheels move so that he can move forward. This bicycle is considered a luxury vehicle for all the features it has, since in addition to everything mentioned above, it has a fingerprint without which it cannot be started. In this way they try to avoid theft, since without the footprint the bike does not work.

It also has some batteries that allow its use up to 130 km, and it takes only 80 minutes to fully recharge. Piqué has one in black and the other with his name and the colors of Barcelona. He went to the Camp Nou with the first one, and he did it without a helmet or any type of protections necessary to ride a bicycle. The central did not mind giving the note once more and showing off his electric bike valued at 10,000 euros in front of everyone, despite the importance of the game since if they lost they could have said goodbye to the League and when they won they sent Espanyol Second.