The Barcelona coach is also burned

Be a coach of Barcelona, or any highly demanding team, has its risks, its worries, its troubles and battles. There is a lot to manage, to deal with. For some time now, in Can Barça problems are becoming widespread. There are many, they all emerge and converge with each other. The last one, after the recent declarations of Leo Messi, is of an important size, XL. The Argentine spoke of “fatigue” that drags, of the heaviness and the satiety that accumulates being the epicenter of the culé hubbub.

Messi He is not the only one annoying with all the noise that the Barça in recent months. Ronald Koeman, Despite the short time he has been on the culé bench, he is already burned. The Dutchman, at the press conference prior to the clash against him Atlético de Madrid of this next day, he showed his fed up with all the mess that has been generated once again around Griezmann and the Argentine.

I can understand Leo being pissed off. After such a long journey ask about Antoine, I think it’s disrespect. I understand that for your part it is to seek a controversy, but in the dressing room I have not seen any bad relationship between the two of them. If someone has said something, I think they have left Griezmann as his client for three years, so they are bullshit, “he justified Koeman Without dribbling the subject, it was the second question they asked him and it already revolved around the controversy between his two players. Wink of the Dutchman throwing a cape at the Argentine: «I have to defend Leo, because after 15 hours of travel, they do a one hour check, and then you find a lot of press asking you a lot of questions. It is incredible what he has done for this club, he is the main person who has to make his decision about its future.

There were more questions on the subject but Koeman it was clear. “I will not answer any more questions about this”, it said after a third and “I’m not going to answer any more” after a fourth. The Dutchman looks burned, they talk more about extra-sports issues than football, perhaps because the team does not finish starting, being solvent and regular, or perhaps because of everything that is moving around Barcelona: resignations, salary reductions, exits of certain players …

«I’ve always heard Griezmann say that he had no problem with Messi, but never the other way around. It is the regime of terror: either you are with it or against it», Were the statements of the former agent of the French, Éric Olhats, which caused another schism in the Barcelona. The nth in a few months. It will not be the last.