The Barça follows insatiable

04/07/2021 at 9:22 PM CEST


Barça passed comfortably over Fertiberia (24-39) that, as advanced in the previous match, his coach, Vicent Nogués, limited himself to “keeping strength and finding sensations & rdquor; for the next matches against Ademar León and Cangas as they are without options to score against the undefeated leader.



Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto

(11-13): Daniel Martínez; Querín (3), Gil (1), Camacho (1), Dija (2), Óscar García (4) and Pozzer (3) -starting seven- Pau Guitart (ps), Miralles (3), Mirallave (2), Carou, Aizen (3), Cheerful (2)

FC Barcelona

(22-17): Pérez de Vargas; Janc (1), N’Guessan (4), Petrus, Mem (4), Àlex Pascual (5) and Da Sousa (1) -initial seven- Moller (ps), Entrerríos (3), Aleix Gómez (2), Lamine (5), Cindric (4), Pálmarsson (1), Makuc (2), Langaro (2), Fàbregas (5)


Fernández Molina and Murillo Castro. They excluded Miralles and Aizen by Fertiberia and Petrus by Barça

Partials every five minutes

1-1, 6-7, 9-10, 10-15, 11-18, 11-22-break- 16-27, 18-30, 19-31, 20-34, 22-36, 24-39


Postponed meeting corresponding to the eighteenth day of the ASOBAL League played at the Ovni pavilion in Puerto de Sagunto before 100 spectators

Barça arrived at the postponed match, corresponding to the eighteenth day, after certifying their pass to the Champions League quarterfinals against Fertiberia that had the losses of Kozina, Franzini, Corzo and Pomeranz and that he decided to start with his less common players.

The locals, with long possessions, managed to inaugurate the Ovni scoreboard with a goal from Camacho while the Catalans did not start correctly in their shots, but, after the eighth minute, the Catalans went ahead for the first time (4-5) with Àlex Pascual, a superiority that they maintained and grew rapidly.

The visitors took advantage of the imprecision in the connection in the pivot of the rojiblancos to go quickly to the counter and, this, added to an effective defense culé, allowed Xavi Pascual’s team to reach the break with a difference of eleven goals (11-22).

Barça’s lethal counterattack

After the break, Fertiberia tried to stand up to the leader, but, despite the good interventions of Pau Guitart and the goals of Aizen, Miralles and Alegre, the locals could not stop the lethal counterattack of the visitors with some successful Cindric (4), Fàbregas (5) and Lamine (5), which caused the match to close with a score of 24-39.