The Banda MS collaborate with Los Invasores de Nuevo León, although they say they don’t do duets | Reform

Oswaldo Silvas, singer of the Banda MS, has already passed the C0VID-19, however he accepts that he does not feel 100 percent.

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The interpreter was released on Monday, July 6, but he liked being locked up at home so much that he will continue with the healthy distance and monitoring any changes in his body.

« I have only gone out for the least, the most essential, I am still at home and the idea is that, to understand that we have to continue taking care of ourselves even though we have already become ill, because we do not know how much immunity we have.

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« Right now what I still feel a little bit and I think I will require therapy in the matter of breathing, I feel my air suddenly go away, much more than before, maybe an exercise or something that can strengthen the lungs « , said.

But « Walo » also suffers on the economic issue, since he has some businesses that have been damaged by confinement.

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« The tour that I took is one of the first that closed and is one of the last that will be activated as party places.

« The government was a kind of suggestion or something like that to support the workers for a month’s salary, I can tell you that we did more and to date we do it, but the authorities have not seen any support », he explained.

The MS almost does not do duets, however they have just announced that they worked with Invasores de Nuevo León for a collaboration that will be out soon, the song is « Playa Sola » and is part of the 40th anniversary of the northern group.

The MS band has more and more collaborations, despite saying not to do duets, they have shown it on several occasions and the fans are happy, as it means more material to listen to, something that has not fallen ill at all in this social distancing.

As more content is generated at this time, people appreciate it even more, since not having much to do, new content is everything, be it photos, new music, videos, etc.