The band that makes post-punk shamelessly danceable and fun

Frequently, the internet surprises us with artists we never imagined hearing. For a long time now, some soloists and bands are using new technologies to present to the world and from the comfort of their homes, the proposal they have to offer. Nevertheless, It was a long time since we had a good time for post-punk, because interesting projects have appeared such as the case of Gustaf.

This is a great group that if you love this kind of music and without exaggeration, you cannot miss it.. They are four girls and a man who, without fear of being wrong, arrived at the right time to refresh the genre, although they are not looking to revolutionize or something like that. With the two songs that they have premiered, they released a true declaration of intentions: because they the only thing they want to do is funny songs with certain critical comments from society.

Gustaf: The band that makes post-punk blatantly fun and danceableGustaf: The band that makes post-punk blatantly fun and danceable

Photo via Facebook: Gustaf

Who are Gustaf?

Gustaf is a band that was formed in 2018 in one of the most important cities for music, New York. Its members are the vocalist Lydia gammill, Tine hill on the bass, Melissa lucciola he plays drums, Vram Kherlopian on guitar and voice and Tarra thiessen to voice and percussion. Since then they have positioned themselves within the independent scene of the Big Apple as one of the most exciting groups today.

In fact, among their colleagues they earned a huge reputation for being an extremely dedicated and hard-working band. In that year they began to compose their first songs, inspired by post-punk although from the beginning they were very clear that instead of taking the seriousness and darkness that sometimes encompass this genre, what they wanted was to create songs that sounded like that with funny melodies and lyrics.

Gustaf: The band that makes post-punk blatantly fun and danceableGustaf: The band that makes post-punk blatantly fun and danceable

Photo via Instagram: @gustaf_nyc

Gaining fame by word of mouth

Of course that could not remain in their songs, because when playing their first concerts, Gustaf members showed that they made music because they liked it and wanted to have fun. That’s why they left Brooklyn and started playing in different boroughs of the city, impressing those who saw them performing live, and little by little they were making a name in different bars and venues.

2019 was a great year for them, as Word of mouth spread the rumor that they did great presentations and shows when they got on stage. So much so that between February and March they gave their first shows as a main band in Los Angeles and from there, they played in cities like Detroit and Toronto. However, there came a point where the inevitable came, They attracted the attention of great artists within the music industry.

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They got Beck’s attention

To give you an idea, and without having officially recorded music, the band surprised Beck, who invited them to open for him at a secret party that he found in a loft where he played the tracks of his latest studio album, Hyperspace. As if this were not enough, they have also opened for the legendary saxophonist James Chance, and they shared the stage with emerging acts that paint to be too big like Omni, Tropical Fuck Storm, Dehd and Bodega.

From that moment, future plans for Gustaf was to record an EP or flat out his debut album. However, and as with other artists, all the projects they had were affected by the coronavirus pandemic, such as a tour of the United States. But anyway, they continued composing and entered the studio with producer Chris Coady, who has worked with artists such as Beach House, Future Islands, and TV On The Radio.

Releasing their first songs in the middle of a pandemic

Unexpectedly, mid-October 2020 the band released their first song called “Mine”. This is a song that could easily represent the whole concept of the group, fantastically sassy and powerful post-punk. In addition, this single was released through the independent label Royal Mountain Records (the label of bands and musicians such as US Girls, METZ, Mac DeMarco, Wild Pink) And from there, we started getting more news about these Brooklyn boys.

Months later, they released another song called “Design”. This one has a much slower tempo, but it retains the fury and impudence that they presented to us on their previous song. Now, and after a huge strike due to the COVID-19 situation, Gustaf is preparing to record and in the future publish his first studio album, but from what they have shown in this time, we are dying to listen to a complete album of this band.

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What makes Gustaf special?

Post-punk is a genre that has given us a lot of spectacular bands, which we could mention and put together an endless list. Nevertheless, in the specific case of Gustaf, We are facing a group that considering the current situation of the music industry – where rock and its derivatives are certainly not popular – and thinking about the concept they have, they are truly one of a kind. There are very few proposals that are similar.

They have simple melodies, but at the same time hard and catchy, where the screams of Lydia Gammil stand outl. But despite that, in their songs we can find a lot of social criticism, in “Mine” they talk about the evils that we believe are exclusive to ourselves are the result of an oppressive system, while “Design” is a comment on how our wishes and criticisms of others are the product of the design we make of them in our minds.

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So as not to write them such a long choro, Gustaf sounds like IDLES merged with The Breeders and a touch of pop, resulting in such an exciting group that they had such a good time that we didn’t hear something like that. For now, we can only wait for the months to advance and this band will present us with new songs, but If you like blatantly fun, punk and dance music, you can’t miss them.