The Balearic Islands warn that it is in a “critical” situation after the outbreaks, but avoids talking about “new wave”

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The spokesman for the Autonomous Committee for the Management of Infectious Diseases of the Balearic Islands, Javier Arranz, has warned that the Balearic Islands are in a “critical” situation at an epidemiological level but has avoided talking about “a new wave of infections”.

As Dr. Javier Arranz has assessed this Friday at a press conference, “currently the Balearic Islands are experiencing a critical situation at an epidemiological level or, at least, stressed, due to the various outbreaks that occurred in Mallorca and Menorca associated with end-of-season trips. studies and the bottles on the occasion of Sant Joan ”.

“The incidents are increasing at the moment in the Balearic Islands, it is true, but it is difficult for me to speak of a new wave even because a significant percentage of new cases is due to the hangover of the bottles and to infections on end-of-course trips,” he specified .

Return to the peninsula of the confined students

Hundreds of students who remained confined in hotels in Palma de Mallorca after having maintained close contact with other colleagues infected by covid-19 have begun to return to the Peninsula by boat or plane this Thursday, either in an organized and controlled manner by the authorities. well on your own initiative.

The most important group, made up of 118 students (77 from Andalusia, 21 from Galicia and 20 from Madrid), arrived at the port of Valencia this Thursday on the Sicilia ferry, in which ordinary passengers were also traveling. five in the afternoon at the passenger dock of the Balearia shipping company.

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