The Bad Remittance 1×01: Postwar

The end of the animated series “Star Wars The Clone Wars” It was a great sadness among the fans. It is true that the series had an abrupt end and fortunately it was given a proper closure with season 7, which came several years after it was ended for the first time. However, recalling the adventures of Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker struck the hearts of Star Wars fans.

Once that series finale arrived, they didn’t take long to announce, and in fact it had already been rumored, that we would have a new Star Wars animation product, “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” / “Star Wars: La Remesa Mal”. This is an animated Star Wars series focused on new characters, a group of clones we asked at the beginning of this season 7 of “The Clone Wars.”

Little did they tell us at the time of the Clone Force 99 beyond that it was a group of clones with some genetic alterations that made them different from the others, turning them into a special attack force. What they did tell us is that the animated series would be located just after “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, as a continuation of that one, even if they were other protagonists.

Today, Star Wars day, the series has been released with a 75 minute first chapter, taking up the events from the beginning of Episode III to quickly go on to show how the so-called Bad Remittance lived the moment in which Palpatine had Order 66 executed. An introductory episode of this group, without having to remember too much of it. that happened in those episodes of “The Clone Wars.”

Perhaps one of the questions of many fans was why do a series of this group. As we said, they are completely new characters, and introduced in that season 7 with the sole purpose of presenting the protagonists of the new animated series, a prelude. Throughout this first chapter our doubts are cleared up.

Image from the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch / La Remesa Mala 1x01: Postwar

Moving after Order 66, we can see what was a pivotal time in the Star Wars universe through a new lens. Finally, some questions that have been raised for a long time are explored, such as, What the hell happened to the thousands of clones after the fall of the Empire? This makes it a series with a clear focus on the most Star Wars fans, who will find several references and appearances of characters seen in “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels” along the way. At the same time it tries to offer content that any other fan without much knowledge of the lore of Star Wars can enjoy.

The series is more than just fanservice. There is a plot of a time explored and recounted in the past, but from a new perspective, loaded with unexpected twists. This is where things get really interesting. The series begins show your true potential when you deviate from expectations, giving rise to new dynamics within the group in this new scenario that were unforeseen in the run-up to this premiere.

The 70-minute duration of this first episode —then it will go to 20-30 minutes— are perfect to serve as a stage presentation, ideas and moments of spectacular action. Even more interesting is the fact that at the end of the chapter, a very broad horizon is presented, allowing the narrative to pull on different fronts. I mean, there is a lot of potential for the series.

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Some call it a spiritual sequel or simple spin-off of “The Clone Wars”, but I think “The Bad Remittance” feels like one more animated series to reckon with in the passage of the Star Wars universe and not as a simple annex to what was “The Clone Wars”. We are not facing a series for the mere fact of “filling in”, but rather a series that promises to deepen the lore. Of course, it faces a challenge that “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” or “Star Wars Rebels” did not face, and it is the fact that its protagonists are not Jedi, but a “bunch of clones”.

In short, very positive feelings after this first episode that I expected much less than, but I was pleasantly surprised.