the bad consignment ‘pays homage to the saga with easter eggs

Star Wars: the bad consignment is not just a series more on Disney Plus. It is the bridge between several stories in the franchise and a tribute to Star Wars. For the first two chapters, the series was serious about reconstructing the mythology of the saga and included all kinds of Easter eggs. It’s a bold move that allows the series to maintain and deepen the grown-up tone of Clone Wars, as well as add interest to unexpected plot twists.

The series is, in fact, a lucky experiment that takes several of the high points in recent Star Wars stories and carefully redefines them. After the success of The Mandalorian, the intention of Disney Plus is well known to offer a new dimension to the franchise and create a new image of it.

On The Mandalorian the tour of the outer edge of the galaxy allowed history to meditate on the fragile peace obtained after the fall of the Empire. Now, Star Wars: The Bad Consignment he reflects on the direct consequences of Order 66 and how it will influence the way the tragic massacre sustains the nuclear narrative. Between one thing and another, the references and the way in which Filoni and his team reconstruct the Star Wars Universe littered with Easter eggs, surprises. We leave you a compilation of the most important and significant ones.

Chapter 1: ‘Aftermath’

The program logo

Star Wars: Bad Consignment immediately establishes its origin. Your logo is a reinvention of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which makes clear the great reference of the argument.

That scene from ‘Revenge of the Sith’

One of the most interesting additions to the series is animating some of the key scenes from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The director’s decision Dave Filoni allows you to establish direct lines with the film and provide context to the series. For the first chapter, it shows Obi-Wan Kenobi releasing Chancellor Palpatine after his alleged kidnapping.

Disney Plus

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The planet Kaller appears in ‘Star Wars: the bad consignment’

A landscape known to fans of the series Kanan comics. Also for those who enjoyed season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In general, the planet is the scene of the last battles between the Republic and the separatists.

The metafiction in the phrase “I guess I’m in charge now”

During the battle on Kaller, Clone Force 99 manages to defeat an entire battalion of droids with relative ease. In the midst of the debacle, one of them mutters, “I guess I’m in charge now.” If the phrase sounds familiar to you, you are correct. It comes directly from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The phrase has become a meme at the height of “I have a bad feeling”.

Those classic V-Wing also in ‘Star Wars: the bad consignment’

By necessity, Star Wars: The Bad Shipment pays homage to the main storyline behind the creation of the clones. So it was impossible for Clone Force 99 not to reach the planet Kamino. And there we find a surprise. The classics V-Wings as part of the ships that allow their access to the planet.

The sinister, magnificent and always effective Imperial March

John Williams immortalized evil in Star Wars perhaps with one of his best-known scores. And we hear a version of the now classic Imperial March in Star Wars: the bad consignment when Palpatine gives one of his sinister speech. This is a wonderful reminder that the brute force of the Empire He came to impose himself, in the midst of the reigning chaos.

Admiral Tarkin returns to ‘Star Wars: the bad consignment’

In case its sinister appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story It would not have been enough, Tarkin returns in Star Wars: The Bad Shipment. Not only is this an appearance that will thrill the most devoted fans, but it integrates mythology into the main trilogy.

The dark troopers

In case you didn’t have enough of them in The Mandalorian, one of the Empire’s most powerful weapons, they return in Star Wars: The Bad Consignment. And although they are primitive versions of the design that we saw accompanying Moff gideon, the reference is too obvious to be ignored.

Chapter 2: ‘Cut and Run’

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Omega, Grogu and those notorious comparisons

If the story of Hunter and Omega seems more than familiar to you, it is natural. If you notice, the story of the warrior who must protect a boy hunted by the Empire is the same as The Mandalorian. Coincidence? Or is it a way to draw parallels with the most successful Disney Plus series? It may be something else. Star Wars: The Bad Shipment explores everything that could have happened after Order 66. Which might involve some survivors of the massacre educating a new generation of Jedi in secret.

Those allusions to the Empire

In Star Wars: The Bad Shipment, the presence of the Empire seems close enough to be conspicuous and of astonishing importance. In fact when Hunter and Cut they talk about it, they see it as future victims. And they refer to the inevitable war at the gates, with the same terms that the saga has already made famous. The phrase “the coming storm” is used in several films in the saga to talk about the inevitable confrontation with evil.

Droids for all tastes in ‘Star Wars: the bad consignment’

In Star Wars: the bad consignment, and more in its second chapter, the planet Saleucami it is of considerable importance. In it we find a nostalgic collection of droids. Especially from the beloved R units, an essential part of the saga’s mythology. In Cut & Run we found a landspeeder that looks a lot like R2-D2, one R5 and another R2. And to the surprise of better-eyed fans, we can even glimpse a 8D droid.

Just to jog your memory: This is a model that first appeared in Jabba’s palace during Return of the Jedi.

Erasure transitions

Star Wars: The Bad Shipment is not just a source of amusement for those looking for direct references to the main stories of the saga. Also for those interested in technical achievements. In the second chapter, the series uses the famous erase transitions to move from scene to scene. It is a direct tribute to the movies and their visual atmosphere.

Old-school access ports in ‘Star Wars: the bad consignment’

Do you remember the small access ports that in all the movies have been of considerable importance? In Star Wars: The Bad Shipment we find them again, and this time in a crucially important scene. One that also pays tribute to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope When R2-D2 hacks the Death Star in a very similar way.

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