The interruption due to the pandemic has prevented checking how far it could have gone Andrey Rublev having been able to compete all season. One of the best players in the final stage in 2019, with a splendid Davis Cup, and champion in Doha and Adelaide at the beginning of the year, the Russian was definitely taking off. And that is why he has been deserving of the report that the ATP has made, reflecting on his present and his progression on the circuit.

Rublev was the first surprised of his beginning of the year. “It is strange because before winning those tournaments, in preseason, I said to myself ‘I am not training too much, I am not doing everything possible, I need to work more, I need to do more, if I want to be better I have to do more still, have better attitude, play smarter “, and when the season started everything was going well. Surely thinking that I was not at the necessary level made me play without pressure, face the start without expectations. I thought,” I will work hard, if I stay in first class round, I’ll do it leaving everything, and if I do the third round, that’s great, better than I expected ‘. It’s unreal but it’s tremendous to start the season like this. “

This stage of success has brought with it very interesting reflections of one of the great revelations of what has been played so far in the ATP. “We all have problems that we must face in order to grow, we need to face them and I think that now is the time for me. I never won two titles the same year and suddenly won two titles in a row. And what has happened is perfect, but I need to stay in real life and accept that it won’t always be this way. I always say that things on the track are simple: be positive and do your best, whatever happens. Be positive and strive. But at the same time that is the hardest part “

Looking to the future, Andrey describes and reveals his only objective for the more immediate future, focused on a speech he has made his own. “My goal this season was to be mentally strong every day, to be mentally positive. And to see if the level I am at right now is worth it and I can maintain and overcome it.”