The autonomies pressure the Government to negotiate with Sputnik due to the lack of vaccines

The continuous complaints by the autonomous communities about the shortage of vaccines for the Covid-19 and the slowness with which they arrive Spain has ended up unleashing a race by the vials. The autonomies pressure the Government to begin negotiations with the suppliers of the Russian Sputnik vaccine pending the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English) I authorize it.

In turn, several regional leaders (Madrid, Andalusia, Valencian Community and Catalonia) ensure that they maintain contacts with the producers of this drug I would speed up the procedures and times for the arrival of vaccines and their inoculation, as long as the EMA approves their use.

The first battle of this conflict between vaccines appeared on Tuesday when it became known that the Madrid’s community, through the Ministry of Health, explored two months the possibility of buy Russian Sputnik vaccine before the “government ineffectiveness“.

This Thursday the president of the Community of Madrid and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has indicated that if the Russian vaccine Sputnik “works” Y “everything is legal“, it looks “obliged to acquire it“because a leader must do”everything that is in your power to save lives“.

In addition, the Madrilenian president once again emphasized the will of the regional government to “study all the scenarios“, while pointing out that”It would not be the first, nor the fifth, nor the tenth time that the Community of Madrid is ahead of the Government of Spain. “

The objective was, according to the regional government, gain time in the negotiations under the expectation that the EMA would analyze and end up approving the use of prophylaxis within the European Union (EU), so that, once it was possible to inoculate in Spain with Sputnik V, streamline procedures and times.


For his part, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno placeholder image, alerted the central government on Wednesday that, if the EU does not quickly solve the rate of vaccination in its member countries, more autonomous communities will negotiate unilaterally the purchase of the Sputnik vaccine.

Moreno has stressed that: “If I see that the procedures fail and that going to the market I have a better chance of getting vaccines that through current channels, I will do it. It is my obligation. “

In the same way, the Andalusian Minister of Health, Jesus Aguirre, has admitted this Thursday contacts with “intermediaries“Of vaccines against Covid-19”simply to know how the market is“, and has ensured that Andalusia” logically “joins the centralized purchasing strategy for all of Europe.

Valencian Community

In turn, the Generalitat Valenciana sent a request to the Government on Tuesday to incorporate asap the Russian Sputnik vaccine to the catalog of vaccines available in Spain (AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna), although have denied contact with intermediaries and its president, Ximo Puig, announced that it would follow the path set by the Government and the EU.

Among the arguments put forward by Puig is that the Russian vaccine has been licensed for use in more than 50 countries, including two Member States of the European Union –Slovakia Y Hungary-, as well as Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay Y Venezuela.


The spokesperson for the Generalitat of Catalonia, Meritxell Budó, showed his disagreement on Ayuso’s maneuver on Tuesday and recalled that “communities cannot decide“what kind of dose they administer.

In addition, the Catalan spokesperson denied any contact from the Generalitat in this regard. “Madrid will not be able to vaccinate with Sputnik if it is not authorized by the EMA or the Spanish agency, and at the moment it is not authorized “, settled.

Sánchez calls for a “global response”

After this avalanche of regional petitions that cast doubt on the tortuous rate of vaccination of the EU compared to the United Kingdom or the United States, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, defended this Thursday that the fight against a global emergency that represents the pandemic coronavirus requires a “global response“, also in the field of vaccination, and has warned that”no country“will be able to overcome this crisis”if he acts alone“This was stated during his speech at the Spain-Angola Business Forum that was held in Luanda.

Europe grants a free pass

For its part, the European Commission (EC) specified this week that the regions that make up the Union can buy vaccines that are not part of the community injection strategy, like the Russian Sputnik, depending on the institutional framework of each member state.

Brussels expressed itself in this regard after meeting the conversations of the Community of Madrid with drug suppliers to reach a pre-purchase agreement.

“If a vaccine is not part of the EU vaccine portfolio, Member States they can decide to buy it. Whether regions can acquire it depends on the institutional structure of that Member State“EC Health spokesman Stefan de Keersmaecker told Efe.

At the moment, the European Medicines Agency has only authorized the use of four vaccines in the community club: that of Pfizer-BioNTech, Modern, AstraZeneca Y Janssen, pharmaceutical companies with which the EC has also signed contracts.

Germany and Bavaria go ahead

The German Minister of Health, Jens spahn, has affirmed this Thursday that the Germanic country is about to start bilateral negotiations with Russia to get your Sputnik vaccine against Covid-19.

Spahn has specified that the eventual deliveries of the Russian vaccine would be made once the EMA has issued the corresponding authorization, as stated to the WDR station.

This movement has been preceded by the announcement made this Wednesday by the Government of Bavarian German “Land” on the signing of a preliminary contract to acquire 2.5 million doses from Sputnik, to be received in principle next July, and as long as the formula is approved by the European Medicines Agency.