The protocol measures, focused on personal hygiene of workers

For now, teleworking and videoconferencing are recommended.

The main associations related to the automotive industry in Spain have reached an agreement with the Labor Commissions and the General Union of Workers to take a series of measures with a view to restarting activity and production in the face of the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

It should be remembered that the automotive sector is the only one whose factories have been closed since the State of Alarm period began, although some – such as Seat or Renault – joined the manufacture of masks and respirators.

From the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers, the employers’ association of FACONAUTO dealers and the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers, in agreement with CCOO and UGT, speak of a “safe” and “adequate” return to work.

For this, a prevention protocol will be carried out that includes certain measures that will be adapted to the health instructions of the Government. Through this initiative, they hope that the return to activity will be completed successfully.

The measures include information and all kinds of precautions in the field of personal hygiene for the prevention of coronavirus, in addition to temperature controls at the entrances and established rules for the entry and exit of workers.

They also specify that there must be an optimal management of the space to keep the distances between workers, the obligation to clean and disinfect the facilities and the restriction of unnecessary movements in the factory.

It is still unknown when the brands will start up again, but each of them must abide by these measures. For now, teleworking is recommended and substituting videoconferences for business meetings.

José Vicente de los Mozos, president of ANFAC:

“Our priority is to guarantee the health of our workers and collaborate as much as possible in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. But we cannot allow this human and health drama to become, in the medium term, an economic and social disgrace. The automotive industry has stopped since the state of alarm began, due to the expansion of the Covid19, the demands of the state of alarm and responsibility for our workers. But it is the only industrial sector paralyzed in this way. This closure has placed us in a situation of special weakness and we need to recover the activity to guarantee the viability and competitiveness of the industry in the medium term in Spain “.

Maria Helena Antolin, President of SERNAUTO:

“We are very pleased to have been able to reach this joint agreement that allows us to have a common framework of safety measures for our plants, thus guaranteeing the best working conditions for our employees. This is a framework agreement that also means to be able to start our activity, which we consider essential so that the automotive sector can continue to be the main engine of our economy.My thanks to the trade union organizations, UGT and CCOO, and to the associations ANFAC and FACONAUTO for their predisposition and joint work, always with an eye to the general interest. ”

Gerardo Pérez, President of Faconauto:

“In the dealer networks we are committed to the health of our workers and the health of our customers. This prevention protocol will be a guarantee for this. The 5,200 official sales and repair facilities will be safe places to restart, as soon as possible allow us, our operations and be a key vector in the economic recovery and consumer confidence, just as we were in the 2008 crisis. We will offer the client the best and safest physical experience and, in the same way, We will be prepared so that the online experience is what our clients expect from us in these uncertain times. ”

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