Marcelo Tinelli calls Julio Grondona in the preview of a match with Argentinos Juniors (Source: Radio Miter) (Damián Rodríguez / Infobae)

The power I had Julio Humberto Grondona in the AFA was undisputed. The president who remained for more than 35 years in the Viamonte street entity he managed Argentine football as he pleased. Everything happened through his office, including the names of the referees who directed the matches. This was reflected this Monday in the audios that Jorge Lanata broadcast on Miter radio.

It is a series of conversations between the late president of the AFA and Marcelo Tinelli on the appointment of the referees for the First Division matches and the scheduling of the meeting times that featured San Lorenzo in 2013. Back then, the TV host was vice president of « El Ciclón », who aspired to win the championship.

« I don’t want Ceballos

In a first call, Tinelli made his position clear. It was mid-August and Argentinos Juniors had to visit the « New Gasometer » for date 3 of the Initial tournament. « I don’t want Ceballos to direct me, I want the best: Delfino« He posed without turns. Grondona, faithful to her style, listened and promised that she would review the matter. What’s more, he asked who he wanted.

« I don’t want Caruso’s friends« Repeated the current president of San Lorenzo. Caruso is Caruso Lombardi, at that time technical director of the “Bicho” of “La Paternal”. And his friends – according to Tinelli’s analysis – were the referees Luis Díaz, Pablo Díaz, Luis Álvarez, and Fernando Rapallini.

Finally, the management of the Bajo Flores club leadership did little good. What’s more, it had the opposite effect: the AFA appointed Rapallini as judge and Argentinos thrashed away: 3 to 0.


-I do not know what it is.

—I wanted to tell you that there is (Luis) Segura breaking the eggs and surely he is going to speak to you about the issue of Caruso, who breaks your eggs on the subject of the match referee with us. Sure they will ask Ceballos. And he goes looking for Caruso’s friends. (Diego) Ceballos or one of those. I don’t want Ceballos to direct me. I really wanted to tell you, I was going to tell you after one thirty, but as you will surely be called at any time, I want you to direct us to be the best (Germán) Delfino? Take it to Delfino. He says that Delfino does not know what the fuck, that he is a fan of San Lorenzo. I never found out in my life that Delfino was a fan of San Lorenzo. But I say, I want to put one like that. That guarantee. (Juan Pablo) Pompei, for example. But not that Ceballos directs us, because he is going to create a scandal on the San Lorenzo court.


—I say this because he’s going to ask Ceballos or (Patricio) Loustau for insurance, who hate him in San Lorenzo. They’re going to throw us with stones.

« No, I don’t know if (Mauro) Vigliano is going there … »

« It is that Vigliano directed us now. » Vigliano is another good one to go too.

« Sure, when did you direct? »

—Vigliano directed us with Rafaela on Saturday.

-Oh, sure…

« Pompei is a quiet guy. » It won’t break the eggs. If not, let’s put the best, which is Delfino. It will lead well, for sure. I don’t understand why so much. What happens is that Caruso breaks the eggs so much …

« No, no … I’ll take care of who do you not want? »

« I do not want Ceballos, nor Loustau, nor all that scourge that is to come. » They are Caruso’s friends

« Not Loustau, not Ceballos …

« And he’s going to come with Caruso’s friends. » I know Caruso’s friends. They are the trio Luis Díaz, Pablo Díaz, Álvarez, Rapallini … the ones he says are friends.

—It’s, it’s …


« I don’t like Trucco »

Saturday, June 15, 2013. San Lorenzo visited Independiente at the Libertadores de América stadium. There was a special seasoning: locals could descend for the first time in their history, as it finally happened. Days before, Tinelli called him to Grondona and this time he complained about Silvio Trucco’s supposed nomination to impart justice.

Once again, the driver asked for Delfino, whom he considered the best referee in Argentina. Grondona promised to listen to his message, but there was no case. He ended up directing Trucco and this time the « Cyclone » had better luck: He won 1 to 0 away with a goal from Ángel Correa and sent “Rojo” to Nacional B.

Tinelli does not want Trucco in the match with Independiente (Damián Rodríguez / Infobae)

-All good?

-Yes very good. All perfect. There I am going to the court.

—There I spoke with (Javier) Cantero. You tell me that you had suggested Trucco. I don’t like Trucco, Julio. Can’t put Delfino? Cantero has no problem putting Delfino in the game with Independiente. The best referee who can lead us once.

« The one who told me was … what’s his name? »


« Cantro, no. » Lamilina, Lamolina.

—Students’ goal against Lanús. Another one, right? 2 to 0.

« They are rights. »


« Did Laolina say that? »

« Ah …

« Will you forgive me a little? » Why don’t we wait today?

-Well OK. Ready.

« Let’s wait for the results today and we’ll talk about it tomorrow at noon. »

« Ready, done. » Go Go.

-Go ahead. No problem. Perfect.

—Because according to the results that exist today, it may or may not be of interest.

-Exactly. Ready OK.

« Why are we going to spend gunpowder on chimangos? »

-Ready. It is done. We talk tomorrow.

—Lamolina had agreed with me that we were going to see the subject tomorrow.

« Ready, done. » Because Cantero called me and says « I don’t want Pitana. » I told him that Pitana is a good referee, but he said he doesn’t want him because he screwed them up in such a place. Then Trucco said to me. I told him that Trucco did not. That is a donkey that threw us to Stracqualursi in 30 minutes, It is a disaster. Set up a good referee, Javier, I said, why don’t you ask for a good referee? Dolphin! And he said he doesn’t like Delfino, what do I know …

« Well, let’s wait for tomorrow. »



The response of Marcelo Tinelli to the leak of the audios in which he asks referees to Julio Grondona in 2013

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