AFA Presidential Elections | Mariano Martino / .

Julio Grondona had a long history in the AFA. For more than 35 years he was the President and made a mark in South American soccer. He handled absolutely everything and to this day samples of his power continue to appear. With his death, different actions began to be revealed and now an audio was leaked with Marcelo Tinelli.

« I do not want Ceballos to direct me, I want the best: Delfino« Began the current President of San Lorenzo. The event occurred in 2013, in the preview of a match against Argentinos Juniors at the Nuevo Gasómetro.

« Pompei is a calm guy. He is not going to break the eggs. If not, let’s put the best one, which is Delfino. He is going to lead well, for sure. I do not understand why so much. What happens is that Caruso breaks the eggs so much … « , added in reference to the one who was coach of Argentinos Juniors (Caruso Lombardi). It is worth noting that Rapallini was designated and El Bicho won 3-0 on the road.

A talk was also revealed in the preview of the match against Independiente, which ended with the descent of the Avellaneda team. « Cantero called me and tells me « I don’t want Pitana. » I told him that Pitana is a good referee, but he said he doesn’t want him because he screwed them up in such a place. Then Trucco said to me. I told him that Trucco did not. That is a donkey that threw us to Stracqualursi in 30 minutes, It is a disaster. Put a good referee, Javier, I said, Why don’t you ask for a good referee? Dolphin! And he said he doesn’t like Delfino, what do I know … « .