The audiences of Spain in the group stage: leading win in full downward trend

The little hand from Spain to Slovakia that sealed the ticket for the round of 16 of the Eurocup reached almost 53% screen share (52.8%). The meeting was followed on Telecinco by more than six million viewers on average (6,042,000). Almost ten million (9,894,000) saw at least one minute of the crash and the golden minute was recorded at 19:33 (6,742,000). It was the leading broadcast of the day in our country.

The data, in any case, are inferior to the previous meetings of the National Team in this group stage. The debut against Sweden far exceeded seven and a half million spectators (7,873,000 and 49.0% share). The second game, which faced Poland, slightly exceeded the seven barrier (7,035,000 and 51.5%).

The tournament that Mediaset broadcasts in the open through Telecinco, Mediaset and BeMad has left great matches in this group phase. The so-called death group monopolizes the interest especially in the meetings offered by Telecinco in prime time (9:00 p.m.). France-Germany (4,221,000 and 29.4%), Portugal-France (3,562,000 and 27.4%), Italy-Switzerland (2,522,000 and 18.9%), the Netherlands-Austria ( 2,513,000 and 18%) and Portugal-Germany (2,411,000 and 25.4%).

In the case of the National Team, the audiences have gone from more to less in this European Championship. We will see if after the defeat to Slovakia and now to direct eliminatory, Spain recovers its mediatic pull and the follow-up is triggered.

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