The Atlanta Hawks secondary that changed the series

Few expected that Atlanta Hawks could complicate the series a to the maximum Milwaukee bucks, which thus far has proven to be one of the best teams in the entire Eastern Conference, but they’ve done it. And they have managed to equal the series at 2 after the injury of their main star, a Bring young that he will try to re-enlist in Game 5 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

However, the second victory of Atlanta Hawks on their court responds directly to the role of some secondary players who took several steps forward and managed to seal the victory against the giants of Mike Budenholzer.

Without Bring young, Atlanta Hawks lost the frenzied ability to surprise his opponent, a lot of points thanks to his 3-point shot and his ease of penetrating successfully, ease with his vision of the game when assisting the released player, his ability to generate hurricanes in the pick and roll with team centers, etc. But the team recovered from all that thanks to the role of some of its secondary players.

The players who stood out the most

Beyond what they contributed Bogdan Bogdanovic, John Collins or Clint Capela, who are the rest of the headlines of the Nate McMillan quintet, these were the secondary ones that the team threw on their back:

– Kevin Huerter: The Hawks guard was a pylon when it came to scoring from all sides of the floor.

– Lou Williams: the veteran playmaker who arrived a few months ago from the Los Angeles Clippers was another of those who was loaded with a lot of scoring and leadership in the game with the ball in his domain.

– Cam Reddish: The long-term injury hasn’t seemed to affect the young Atlanta forward. A tireless engine on both sides of the track, bringing many tangible and intangibles to the Eastern United States team.

We do not know if the Atlanta Hawks will be able to complete the machado and become one of the finalists of the NBA, but the importance of these 3 men will be key in the search for this goal. Will they be able to take another step forward?

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