The athletes of the Tokyo Olympics must pass daily covid tests

04/28/2021 at 5:30 PM CEST


Athletes participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games must pass daily covid-19 tests during the competition, according to the new guidelines for athletes presented this Wednesday by the organizers.

This measure is part of the strategy to prevent contagion between athletes during the Games and will be added to others already announced, such as their isolation within the Olympic facilities and the restriction of their movements, as stated in the second version of the published Athletes Guide. today.

Another of the new preventive measures is the obligation for athletes, technical teams and other companions of the Olympic delegations to undergo two virus tests before traveling from their respective countries to Japan, according to the organizers in a joint note with the committees International Olympic and Paralympic.



Athletes will in principle not have to comply with the 14-day quarantine currently required by the Japanese Government for all travelers coming from abroad, although they must undergo new tests upon arrival in the country and subsequently on a daily basis for the duration of their stay.

The participants in the Games must also submit an activity plan detailing all their planned movements and adhere to it, as well as “minimize contact” with other athletes, according to the manual, which also warns that failure to comply with these guidelines could lead to disqualification.

In addition, athletes and members of the Olympic teams may only use the specific means of transport authorized by the organization, and not public transport, and may only eat at their accommodation facilities and at the competition and training venues.

Regarding vaccination, it will not be mandatory for athletes participating in the Games, although the International Olympic Committee strongly recommends that national federations promote the inoculation of their athletes and has promised logistical support for countries that have difficulties in obtaining it. drug.

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, showed his “full support” for these anti-contagion guidelines for athletes, which were presented today by the organizers of Tokyo 2020 to that body during a telematic meeting.

Bach further noted his “great respect for the diligence of the Japanese to protect citizens” and stated that the Olympic movement “is willing to take all necessary measures to minimize risk” and “to make the Japanese feel safe.” he had an impact during his speech by videoconference.



The presentation of the new manual for athletes took place at a time when Tokyo is once again under a state of health emergency, as are three other prefectures of Japan that are among the most affected by the fourth wave of coronavirus infections in the Japanese archipelago.

The current situation of the pandemic less than three months before the Games, and in particular the increase in daily infections and the circulation of new strains through Japan despite the closure of borders, have led the organizers and the IOC to postpone until June the decision on whether there will be spectators in the stands of the Olympics.

This decision “will be made in line with the general guidelines of the Government on the maximum limit of spectators in sporting events,” the organizers said in a joint statement with the IOC.

“We would like to see the stadiums full, but we have to take into account the current situation and make the most appropriate decision to guarantee the safety of the event, said the president of Tokyo 2020, Seiko Hahimoto, at a press conference.

In the regions affected by the state of emergency, which in principle will be in force until May 11, public attendance at sports competitions is prohibited.

The evolution of the pandemic in Japan, where at the moment only approximately 2% of the population has been vaccinated, has generated a growing rejection of the Japanese to the celebration of the event, which is scheduled to open on July 23.

This Wednesday, the head of the government panel of experts on the pandemic, Shigeru Omi, said in an intervention before the national Parliament that the country’s authorities “should discuss” the celebration of the Games, taking into account the increase in infections and pressure on the health system.