The athlete related to Podemos explodes against the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias for their lies

Even his own faithful and like-minded exploit against the social-communist government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias. Roberto Soyomayor, Spanish athlete champion of Europe for veterans who uses his social networks to defend Podemos tooth and nail and charge against the right wing, has now exploded against the Executive for his lies.

After reading that the Ministry of the Interior, led by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, will apply the so-called hot returns due to the endorsement of the Constitutional Court despite the fact that the PSOE appealed this measure and Podemos promised to repeal it, the veteran athlete has exploded on his Twitter account. “There are things I don’t go through and this is one of them”, writes mentioning Podemos and the PSOE.

The thing is not there. Roberto Sotomayor also does not agree with the Government’s position regarding the Sahara problem.: «The position of Spain at the moment with regard to the performance of Morocco is deplorable. This collusion with a declaration of war in #SaharaOccidental is intolerable.

It is especially striking to read criticisms of the athlete towards Pablo Iglesias, whom he has come to idolize on social networks. And it is that although he does not share some things with the Government, Roberto Sotomayor is a proud podemita, as reflected in his fixed tweet, in which he is excited to be interviewed by the leader of the purple formation in La Tuerka and celebrates his entry into the Executive: «The Tuerka project has been essential in our recent policy. With the entry into the Government of Pablo Iglesias ends a stage in a fundamental program in communication. Having been interviewed in it has been a real privilege ».