The Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Investigators is born

Journalists and researchers from various media, who cover the daily events of cryptocurrencies, formed a new organization to promote better journalism around Bitcoin, other crypto assets and blockchains.

The Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Investigators (ACJR) was born with the purpose of raising the standards of reporter work, encouraging education about technology and recognizing the work of communicators.

“We are a group of journalists and researchers who seek to improve the state of coverage of cryptocurrencies in the media (…) We are not here to pump prices or because of their crusades on social networks. We want to showcase the multimedia masterpieces that haunt you and make you think, “explained Leigh Cuen, co-founder of ACJR, in the organization’s first monthly newsletter.

The association announced that The admission process for new members will be open soon. Some of the current members are: Joon Ian Wong as co-chair, Michael del Castillo (Forbes) as co-treasurer, Pete Rizzo (Kraken) co-treasurer, Molly Jane Zuckerman (CoinMarketCap) co-secretary, and Zack Seward (Coindesk) co-secretary.

Other co-founders include Camila Russo (The Defiant), Jon Rice (Cointelegraph), Laura Shin (Unchained), Michael McSweeney (The Block) and Josh Quittner (Decrypt). The association is being registered in the state of New York, United States, as a non-profit organization.

Awards for the best journalism and global reach

As one of its first announcements, the ACJR announced that the first awards for excellence in journalism will be held in 2021. Although the application period was not specified, the association said it is open to nominations for research papers or multimedia pieces published by professional journalists. The awards will be announced during New York Blockchain Week.

Cited by digital media, Cuen pointed out that the organization is a global group and not limited to just the United States. “We are a global group, helping reporters from Caracas to London to Hong Kong,” he said.

For his part, Joon Ian Wong highlighted that one of the pillars of the organization is to defend free and independent journalism in the world of cryptocurrencies. For the executive, crypto assets represent the “most exciting convergence” of finance and technology today.

The agency already has an official website, Twitter account and a Telegram channel. In addition, people interested in receiving news from the ACJR and its reading recommendations can subscribe to its monthly newsletter by entering an email.

Usually Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are covered journalistically by specialized media. However, traditional media have also reviewed this ecosystem, especially when market prices experience strong rises or falls.

CriptoNoticias reported, in April of last year, on an analysis in which it was revealed that Bitcoin has greater coverage in the media when its price rises. The research studied about 150,000 headlines in traditional media for a year, which would give greater exposure to bitcoin in bull markets.