The assassin of legends in search of the WWE championship

Randy Orton known as the Legends Killer He has had a long career and history in WWE and has been a 13-time heavyweight champion and has become one of the most successful superstars in the company and most loved by fans over the years. Today we see that Randy Orton is at a spectacular level both physically and technically.

Randy Orton kills Edge and Christian

Since his rivalry with Edge after Royal Rumble has emerged from the depths of his essence that assassin of legends that we all know, certainly the rivalry against Edge in his great return has generated a well-worked history and a fief that to be seen as a classic has returned to the present day and although Edge was the winner at Wrestlemania 36, Orton had his rematch at Backlash by defeating Edge and causing him an injury away from the ring for a long time. Subsequent to that match, Randy announced that he had finished with Edge but this statement caused annoyance in Christian, Edge’s best friend, and he went out to confront him in the RAW on June 15 and Orton challenged him to a fight to finish him off that same night. with the help of Ric Flair by means of a treacherous blow against Christian, Randy Orton won the fight and injured Christian causing him to be taken on a stretcher and in this way Orton ended with the two legends Edge and Christian consecutively.

The Big Show appears, but it also can’t with the WWE Legends Killer

That attitude was not liked by many and in the RAW of June 22 when Orton mentioned that the legend killer had returned and had ended with Edge and Christian respectively, the Big Show appeared confronting Randy Orton and the latter warned him that he could continue the same path as his two friends if he messed with him. It was then that the Big Show attempted to hit Orton but he withdrew from the ring along with Ric Flair. Before that episode, the RAW of June 29 confronted again in a team fight between Show and Viking Raiders against Randy Orton, Angel Garza and Andrade in which the Orton team came out on top.

Finally in the RAW July 20 faced off in an unsanctioned Big Show match against Randy Orton in which both fighters took out all their fighting arsenal inside the ring in which Orton was victorious and finished with the giant with his terrible kick to the head of Show and ending with yet another legend from his list.

Way to the title at WWE SummerSlam

For many fans and superstars they have considered Orton to be the figure and leader in the roster wardrobe on RAW due to all the experience and profile that he has had, and at 39 he has demonstrated to his own and strangers why he is still in force and is one of the Best paid and successful stars in WWE. But without settling for the victories he had against Edge, Christian and Big Show, the last RAW of July 27 announced that he will go in search of the WWE championship challenging Drew McIntyre for a match in Summerslam.

Following Orton’s announcement that same night, Drew McIntyre accepted the viper’s challenge. and after the fight and the victory against Dolph Ziggler, Orton appeared applying an RKO to close the night and officially leaving the message to McIntyre. How we can see this rivalry will be one of the most important taking into account Orton’s career and high level and, on the other hand, the great rise and level that Drew McIntyre has wrapped in a story that will define whether the experience or the renewal will be worthy of the WWE title.

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