Gusty winds associated with storms or convection raise dust in desert areas that can be transported hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

A DANA It has been causing precipitation in many areas of the country since yesterday, Sunday, as well as a drop in temperatures and, since this morning, also, the increase in the intensity of the wind, which blows strongly from the northern component in the northern interior of the peninsula. Over the next few hours, with the progressive movement of the depression towards the southwest, the wind will begin to blow from the east and southeast components, also with strong gusts at points in the southern half.

This new flow will bring to the Iberian Peninsula a mass of air of African origin, so that there will be a noticeable rise in temperatures. Hence, the remission of the snowfall is expected tomorrow.

However, instability will not disappear, so precipitation and some storms will continue to occur in areas of the Mediterranean slope.

African air mass

The tropical air mass, in addition to bringing higher temperatures, it will drag suspended powder from the Sahara desert. Although it will not be possible to speak of a particularly intense episode of haze, it will affect both the visibility like to sharpness of the sky.

According to the Meteored Meteorology Department (, this Saharan powder, when mixed with the rains, it will provoke precipitation in the form of mud in points of the east and south of the peninsula. A situation that will be remitting from midweek.

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