The Army of the Dead: you can now see the first 15 minutes of the film

Don’t wait any longer to see Zack Snyder’s new zombie movie. The director has revealed, after a virtual event for fans, the first fifteen minutes of the movie The Army of the Dead – 78% have been published by Netflix. In the interactive game, the director himself appeared who, in the end, thanked his followers for accompanying him and presented the first part of the long-awaited film that will start a busy summer for the platform.

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Directed by Zack snyder (Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, Sucker Punch: Surreal World – 24%, 300 – 60%), The Army of the Dead follows a group of mercenaries led by Scott (Dave Bautista), who must make a dangerous trip to the city of Las Vegas, which was devastated by an epidemic of the undead, to recover the loot that is in one of the vaults of the hotels and casinos in the so-called Sin City. The mission is against the clock because there is a missile on its way to destroy everything that is still alive there.

The event was really very straightforward and asked fans to comment on the live feed with different emojis to “dig in” and find the door to a safe. By making it explode, another transmission was started in which they will still be able to see, until tomorrow, the first minutes of the film. You can click here to see them if you have not done so yet and if you like to return here later where we will comment on the advance.

In the first minutes of The Army of the Dead – 78% are barely introduced to the zombie threat that we will see. After an accident on the road, the mysterious container that a group of soldiers is guarding overturns and it is revealed that it was carrying a kind of super zombie that kills them and then, once they are converted, leads towards the city of Vegas . What follows is a montage of the fall of this population to the creatures.

The montage, set to music with a version of ‘Viva Las Vegas’, is similar to the one the director also used to explain the story of the original Watchmen members, Los Vigilantes – 65% in its adaptation of the classic graphic novel. In it, we see a group of survivors evade the undead and hold up photographs of their families. The preview ends with the presentation of Scott, the protagonist who was one of the few who managed to escape the disaster.

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What we can infer is that super zombies are a kind of biological weapon, very much in the style of resident Evil, and that for that reason it was transported by soldiers. We still don’t quite know how to stop this creature that seems to be much faster and more skilled than the traditional versions of these monsters. Likewise, it seemed, by making the military squad fall, to be resistant to bullets and to control those who bit.

The army of the dead – 78% is Snyder’s second zombie movie, the first was his debut as a filmmaker and it was the remake of Awakening of the Dead – 73%. His new film seems to be one of Netflix’s darlings because in the United States it received a theatrical release and is already working on a prequel and an anime series based on the saga. Will the platform finally be able to find its first franchise in this title? We will discover it with its premiere on May 21.

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