The archbishop of Rosario, Eduardo Martin, offered a reflection on the coronavirus pandemic. He considered that it is a learning opportunity to improve individually and as a society and also to take refuge in spirituality and faith. Its position in relation to the so-called “anti-quarantine”.

In dialogue with Radiópolis (Radio 2), the priest stated: “These are difficult times, we were put to the test, to see what human pasta is like. This brings us many lessons that we hope we can take, to grow as individuals and society, to go to a more humane, just and fraternal society, “he began.

For the religious, the pandemic “It has allowed us to perceive that we are vulnerable and fragile, we have placed a lot of confidence in techno science that it was going to respond to all the difficulties of the human being but no, it leaves us unarmed before a virus. This makes us open our hearts to mystery, to God. It makes us recognize ourselves as dependent on God. ”

He also noted that the spread of the coronavirus has allowed us to “equalize ourselves to death” and explained in this regard: “Death comes to anyone, here a Rosario (Chilean) consul died, not one from La Lata.”

In relation to quarantine, he observed: “Quarantine does not cure or eliminate the virus, it must be understood that officials are dealing with something unknown. Day by day he is groping around, looking for answers to give solutions ”.

In this sense, when asked about the position of the “anti-quarantine”, he warned: “The Pope follows all the indications, we are affected by not having Mass and we have done everything required, understanding that it is an emergency situation. Those who deny the pandemic have reckless speeches, I cannot affirm what they say even if we all have questions, “he concluded.