Google wants you to get rid of all those apps to pay for parking that you have on your mobile.

Soon You will not need third-party applications installed on your mobile to pay for parking: just use Google maps.

And it is that the company has created a new tool that allows pay the parking meter directly from Google Maps through Google Pay.

Although at the moment it is a function that is in testing in some cities, it is very likely that sooner or later it will end up reaching the rest of the regions and countries as the option of requesting cars with a driver from Google Maps already did.

Google Maps is still one of the most downloaded apps on the planet.

Google Maps will allow you to pay for parking without leaving the app

As explained in 9to5Google, to develop this function Google has partnered with the company behind the Passport paid parking app. Thus, a tool in Google Maps from which it is possible to pay for the parking meter through the maps app.

For this, drivers who are close to their destination will receive a notification indicating the possibility of pay for parking. This function will be available on both iOS and Android.

At the time of Make the paymentIt is only necessary to access the new Google Maps page and tap on the « Start a new session » button. Subsequently, simply enter the number corresponding to the parking area, enter the vehicle data and make the payment.

Since the vehicle data will be stored, it will be easier make the payment in future sessions. In that sense, it will also be possible see which parking sessions are still active.

At the moment, Google has only released this feature in the Austin city, but it certainly represents an advance in the objective of reduce the need to physically go to parking meters and car park pay stations, thus saving time and resources.

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