Although the official software of the bracelet is very useful, you may be interested in trying this application that offers interesting functionalities for the Mi Band. Today we are talking about an app called Mi Bandage.

If you are one of those who does not separate from your Mi Band, you will have verified that there are times when you need the mobile to offer you all the usability you would like to handle different applications. For years there has been a application that is widely used in the different Xiaomi bracelets and that you might be interested in trying: My Bandage.

The Mi Bandage app allows you to get all the performance you want from Mi Band, both if you want to control in a more optimized way the applications you usually use and in the versatility with which it allows you to configure the different notifications.

Simply install and connect via Bluetooth to check the battery status, configure the menus, receive alerts if someone tampers with the device when you are not wearing it, improve some of the problems that can arise to control applications like Spotify and many other advantages.

After the record sales of the Mi Band 4, many dealers are taking advantage to make their August selling imitations of this device that are very difficult to identify

But the main reason why this application is often used is because of its notification settings. It can detail how, when and in what way you want to notify, both in vibration and when the screen is turned on or with a Custom message based on alarm content. This way in a second you will know if it is Family or Work, in case you configure it like this.

Users who have Mi Bandage usually combine its use with the official app, since it increases the existing possibilities in compatibilities and some areas, but in terms of monitoring user information, there is no alternative that equals Mi Fit.

This application works perfectly with all previous versions of Mi Band and Amazfit, although there is still to check how is the compatibility with Mi Band 5 when it finally reaches our hands. At the moment, if you want to try it with your Mi Band, you can download it from the Play Store.