Apple just announced the launch event in September in which we will almost certainly see the new iPhone 12, the new Apple Watch Series 6, a new iPad Air and other novelties. Anything else? Yes, the Apple Events page hides a curious link when visited on an iPhone with iOS 14.

We touch the apple and … augmented reality viewer

An augmented reality viewer! It is true that Apple has us accustomed to this class of viewers, for example, to be able to see for ourselves how a Mac Pro will look on our desktop, but it is the first time we see this kind of resource in an invitation. There is no kind of indication that we can click on the apple of the Apple Events website to reveal the surprise on the part of Apple.

For a moment the viewfinder was empty. The text “the object requires a newer version of iOS” which has been shown in the 7th beta of iOS 14 seems to indicate an imminent arrival of the GM version, which according to the calendar we have been looking at should arrive today.

Beyond the surprise with the invitation, what does seem to “hide” the logo is the presentation of the iPad Air, since it seems to be made with lines from the Apple Pencil. Going one step further the blue color of the same seems to give us clues of the new color with which the new iPhone 12 will arrive. Finally, for now, the subtitle “Time Flies” seems like a pun on the “Time of Flight” sensor in reference to the inclusion of a LiDAR sensor in future iPhones.

For now we can continue to develop theories about the logo, its meaning and the surprise in the form of an augmented reality viewer, but one thing is clear, we better hurry, because we will get rid of doubts in exactly one week.

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