The applauded zasca of Alfonso Reyes to “chamber musician” James Rhodes for his attack on Almeida

James rhodes, the famous pianist who played the hymn of joy at the presentation ceremony of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Economy, presented by Pedro Sánchez at the Moncloa, is receiving numerous and harsh criticism for his unjustified attack and his inappropriate mockery about the height of José Luis Martínez-Almeida On twitter.

The musician has published a photograph in which the mayor of the capital of Spain appears dressed in a gala suit next to another image of a painting of a court dwarf, a comparison in bad taste that he later deleted and that has also been highly criticized by Alfonso Reyes. The former basketball player and now president of the Association of Professional Basketball Players has taught the British widely applauded on social media.

«A clear example of the fight against harassment and mockery of the contemporary chamber musician. If I learned something from my basketball years, it is that there will always be someone taller than you. Making fun of height is small in spirit», Wrote the former Real Madrid next to the capture of the tweet by James Rhodes, who, seeing the reactions that this inappropriate mockery generated, decided to delete the publication.

Another of those who has been especially critical of Rhodes has been Juan Carlos Girauta. “Rhodes, jester of the Kingdom, strange child, heavy where they are, assassin of Beethoven, he goes around the world making fun of his neighbor”, said the former deputy of Citizens, to which the musician responded by taking his worst face: “You and Tertsch should start a club for drunken fascists and lonely. Then they can listen to each other without disturbing the rest of us. But stop making being an idiot the pattern. I’m sure there’s a flute. Hidden deep in Girauta ».