The return of the characters created by Garth Ennis to Amazon Prime is near and to excite fans, a new image of the second season of ‘The Boys’ was published.

The series obtained some of the best ratings that the streaming platform has had and its success was well deserved.Either by references to some photos of superhero movies and the culture of celebrities in general.

The first season ended at a great time for Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, and he can’t wait to see what comes next.

The initial trailer for the second season premiered in December, and since then there are different clues to know that the action will become more extreme.

Antony Starr, who plays the twisted Homelander, much like Superman, joked that his plot becomes “really fucking weird.”

The star Jack Quaid has said that the second season is “crazy” and the executive producer of the seriesEric Kripke claims that no one is ready to see how twisted Aya Cash’s Stormfront is.

Now, Amazon has released a new image from the second season of ‘The Boys’ in which the protagonists can be seen waving their fingers while The Seven are behind them.

The only big “but” are the rumors of possible delays, since despite the fact that filming ended in late 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted the work of shows that use a large number of effects like this.

Since there are so many effects shots to complete in ‘The Boys’, There is a possibility that you will miss your long-awaited season in July 2020.

Almost six months have passed since we got the first trailer for the second season of ‘The Boys’, so let’s hope that a last trailer announcing the release date will be published very soon.