The answer that dislodges Thais Villas: “Let’s go to the hotel”

Thais Villas made a report for ‘The intermediate’ in which he analyzed the social elevator in rich and poor neighborhoods. To do this, he spoke in a relaxed way with some citizens. Among all the responses, there was one in particular that surprised the journalist.

One of the interviewees explained his salary while working in an optician and, in addition, he summarized his professional career. Her jobs included staying at a nudist hotel, prompting a hilarious reaction from her collaborator. ‘The intermediate’.

Thais Villas has stopped the questions and has reacted spontaneously. “But what a wonder, what a fantasy is that. I have to leave the interview here, let’s go to the hotel,” she asserted before the smile of the boy who was before her.

The La Sexta website recovers the best moments of ‘El Intermedio’ throughout the summer. The interventions of Thias Villas are always some of the most striking of the program presented by the Greater Wyoming.

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