The anger of Wanda’s viral nurse: “Pity, grief and rage”

Vaccination queue in May at the Wanda Metropolitano. (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

Jorge Prieto went viral for the humor with which he enlivened the wait in the covid-19 vaccination queue at the Wanda Metropolitano. This SUMMA nurse marked a monologue that moved on social networks but is now going viral again for a not so funny message: the fifth wave of “unsustainable” infections.

In a publication on Instagram, Prieto has narrated in first person the current situation that is being experienced in Madrid regarding the pandemic. Infections have skyrocketed, especially among the younger population.

This has been his message:

Today was nursing car day. And today they sent me to a SUAP to make antigens. Those covid tests that in 15 minutes indicate a positive or a negative. And you know what? That this situation is going to be untenable. 80% have been positive results, under 40 years of age. Fortunately with mild symptoms. But positive after all. And the only ones who see it seem to be that we are the toilets. The covid no longer exists in the face of society. And we health workers already have good conditions and better salaries. Because this pandemic has already passed. And since no one dies anymore …
Pity, pity and anger is what I feel when I hear and read comments on this subject criticizing the toilets while we continue to endanger our safety, but above all the safety of our loved ones.

Dear colleagues, I understand you. Even if you want to send everything to hell, remember why you chose this beautiful job. It was not for social recognition but for the recognition of our own patients. That to me, gives me life in these moments.
Thank you for staying at the foot of the canyon.

My face of anger and disappointment I think says it all …

This Sunday the Community of Madrid has notified 1,865 coronavirus infections, of which 1,070 correspond to the last 24 hours, and six deaths in hospitals, two less on Saturday. In addition, hospital pressure continues to grow and, with 1,070 admitted, it almost doubled that of last Sunday, when there were 554 patients in hospitals.

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