The anger of Raquel Sánchez Silva to Lluís in ‘Sewing Masters’ for his threat to leave the program

The fifth installment of ‘Masters of sewing 4’ was full of emotions, in which the spectators saw a revolt of the contestants and the repechage of Ancor, but the elimination test still had several surprises for us saved. Black aprons will face circular fashion, recycling or upcycling, that is, making new clothes from something that already exists to give the garments a second chance.

Being the best in the outdoor test, Lluís was in charge of distributing the garments to the contestants who were playing the elimination and wanted to favor Mily, Fermín and Yelimar, but not Gabriel, with the clear intention that this was the expelled. In fact, the apprentice had already made up his mind that he would leave the workshop. However, even though Gabriel’s dress was not up to the task, Fermín’s was a « real disaster », so he ended up being eliminated of this installment.

Lluís and Raquel Sánchez Silva, in ‘Masters of sewing’

After hearing the name of the expelled, they asked Lluís if he wanted to make a comment and he was very resounding with his words: « That it tastes very bad to me and perhaps I can also rethink leaving with Fermín. I am very sorry but living with Gabriel makes me it is impossible ». When he tried to continue with his reaction, he was interrupted by Raquel Sánchez Silva, who, although he is always on the side of the apprentices, this time he braked the feet of one of them.

« You get carried away by now and it’s not fair »

« Lluís, I know that you are being serious and now I tell you: before raising something so resounding, and above all so impulsive, » the presenter made him see, who added: « You are letting yourself be carried away by now and It’s not fair to your teammates, not to the program, not to the judges, not even to me« Raquel kept commenting very seriously in the middle of the set.

Lluís wanted to explain himself when he was alone and told the camera that it was not that he wanted to leave because Fermín was leaving, but because he did not continue seeing Gabriel. « Imagine how far we have come for me to say stop. It is already a repudiation that I have that I can not take it anymore, it is unbearable, » he said quite fed up. Lorenzo Caprile He got in the way to remind the apprentice that it is a sewing contest and not coexistence, and that « in real life you will find cases like this anywhere ».

Raquel: « Don’t have a tantrum »

« I’m glad to stay after Lluís has gone to kill, » said Gabriel, to add an ironic « what a shame. » Lluís preferred to remain silent, while Raquel wanted to end his wake-up call: « You almost always say what you think and you almost always get what you say, but I think Right now you are neither getting it right nor is it the moment nor is it the place. Don’t do it, don’t have a tantrum. I am not demanding it, I am asking you. « The apprentice remained silent to give prominence to Fermín, who was leaving the workshop that night.