Italy is, so far, the country hardest hit in the world by the coronavirus pandemic, with almost 16,000 deaths and 129,000 infected people. Faced with this bleak picture, Gianfilippo Banchieri, mayor of Delia, recorded a video in which angry and frustrated asks the 4,000 inhabitants of the small Sicilian town to please respect quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus..

Bianchieri questions the behavior of the citizens of the town, who publish posters on social networks with the message “everything will be fine”.

How will everything be fine if we keep going out every day to do the shopping“Begins the mayor, adding that the recommendation is to make a purchase every 10 days. It also points to those who go out every day to buy cigarettes and those who fill their cars with gasoline.

“What use is gasoline if they have to stay home? Asks Bianchieri, visibly angry. He also criticizes people who hire a hairdresser to go to the houses to cut their hair.

What is the use of grooming my hair right now? Can you explain it to me?“, question.

Bianchiere also says that since quarantine began, many people have called him to invite him to run because they are stressed. Nevertheless, He affirms that he ran about 30 years ago and that now the whole town is given for being an athlete.

Everyone who wants to run, where are they going to? The last time they made a career was in elementary school“, He says. “Can we get serious?” He adds.

He also criticizes those who go to other towns to make unnecessary purchases, such as some people who buy cookies for their dogs. “Is this what we call seriousness?” He asks angrily.

And with the people who invite other neighbors to lunch at their homes, they were furious. “Since when were we such good neighbors at Delia?“, question.

“Do you really have any neurons in your head? Are there any neurons or are they all paid for? ”He asks.

The mayor assured that day by day he risks his life together with doctors, nurses and volunteers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For this reason, he is angry that people do not comply with the quarantine.

“It is fair that the one who makes a mistake should be sanctioned and denounced,” he concludes.