It will be played from October 6 to 10 and the central stage of the same will be announced in two weeks

The Moroccan test has been suspended due to the health situation in the country

Andalusia will host, from October 6 to 10, a Rally Raid organized by ODC, the organizer of the Dakar. David Castera, owner of the organizer ODC and also director of the Dakar, announced this afternoon the suspension of the traditional test-test Rally of Morocco for the Dakar, and its exchange for an unprecedented test in Andalusia. Morocco was originally to be played from October 9 to 14.

The cancellation of the Maghreb test is due to the fact that the “covid-19 pandemic continues to be very active in Morocco. Compliance with the health measures required by the government and the global situation of the Kingdom of Morocco make it impossible to dispute the test and it is advisable to postpone the 2020 edition to next year “, said Castera.

But for the Dakar director it is essential to organize a test to “keep the flame of discipline alive and ensure continuity for the drivers, teams, trainers and service providers.”

Castera’s goal is a quality rally, adapted to the limitations imposed by the pandemic. It will have a prologue on October 6 and four stages with a timed 300 kilometers each, based on two specials of about 150 kilometers, which would be covered ‘in turns’: the cars would do one while the motorcycles would be in the other, as It was happening in Baja Aragón, although the second stage would be 300 kilometers “fast”. The specials will be kept secret until the start of the stage.

Castera has said that all participants who had already registered for Morocco can change their registration for the Andalusian test, which will also be scored for the ‘Road to Dakar’, a promotion for non-official pilots whose prize is the registration for the Dakar and It will serve for the Dakar rookies to validate their registration.

The test also has two other important objectives. The first is to validate the electronic Road Book that you want to impose on the Dakar. An identical Road Book for everyone, which will only be delivered at the start of the stages, so that all participants are in the same conditions in this regard. At the moment this is valid for cars, SSV and trucks.

The second is to calibrate possible health measures to be implemented in the Dakar. For example, contacts between members of different teams could be limited – as happens in F1 -, PCR tests or dispense with the traditional ‘jaima central’, the meeting place for participants and teams and where the catering service is located. Let us remember that during the last Dakar some pilots – Laia Sanz or Jesús Calleja, for example – said in April that they had had symptoms similar to those of the covid, but that they did not know what was happening then because the pandemic had not been declared.

Castera will communicate in two weeks all the sporting, logistical and health details of the Rally de Andalucía. And he thanked the Spanish and Andalusian authorities as well as the respective car and motorcycle federations for their cooperation.

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