The Anastasiya Kvikto model shows off a striped micro swimsuit!

The model Anastasiya Kvikto shows off a striped micro swimsuit! (Instagram)

The Anastasiya Kvikto model shows off a striped micro swimsuit! | Instagram

Known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian” the beautiful model Anastasia Kvikto also known as Anastasiya Kvikto , published some photographs with which they drew the attention of all those Internet users who walked through their instagram at that moment and that is that their enormous charms were visible to everyone while wearing a tiny striped swimsuit .

The beautiful model of Russian origin for seven years has little by little conquered her followers who today are very aware of what she publishes to happen continuously, because Anastasia Kvikto does not leave more than a week to upload content to her account of Instagram , where today he has more than 12 million followers.

In his post he shared three Photographs Of which they appear in different poses, which surely caused his followers to see the images more than once.

It was on December 9, 2019 that he uploaded this content to Instagram, until today it has 265 thousand 833 red hearts, it is likely that some Internet user will begin to see its complete content and they will give him even more like’s, although it could be considered Something sporadic could still happen, although to tell the truth currently this figure is quite common among their publications.

In the first image we see the beautiful Anastasia Kvikto seated, even though the object or furniture in which she is sitting cannot be distinguished, it could look like a cot, because she is wearing a striped swimsuit in the style of a zebra animal print so it is sure that she is near a swimming pool.

Anastasiya Kvikto on that occasion had her blonde hair, today she wears it natural medium brown, the two pieces that she is wearing are tied by thin threads, and apparently it is difficult to contain her top charms so he had to put one of his near them so that something else would not be seen.

In the second image we see her from behind, showing in all its splendor her later charms while causing her swimsuit to get lost among them, in this second image we can see that the Russian model apparently is on a balcony facing the sea, in the background you can make out a large building that is surely a hotel.


Already in the third image we enjoy seeing the beautiful Anastasiya Kvikto lying on what could be considered beds but with large gray cushions, she is on her side but she was facing the camera, it seems that she was about to get up with one of her arms or maybe he was getting comfortable at the time the picture was taken.

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The model and also a businesswoman is also characterized by wearing fairly discreet accessories but without a doubt, on several occasions she has managed to capture the attention of her fans that despite the fact that her outfit is simple, thanks to her paying attention to details even if they are So tiny is that Anastasia Kvikto appears as daring in her photos but at the same time natural because she manages to show off everything she is wearing like the two bracelets that appear on her left arm, it seems that she likes the golden color a lot because on other occasions has worn this color in its accessories.

Either you run the day or the day runs you “, description of the photos.

As for the comments, as is customary, several of her followers declare their unconditional love and the desire to meet her one day.